Unidentifiable hat-wearing marauder panics NHS

By JohnCarl McGrady At around 7:45 A.M last Thursday, Nantucket High School administrators caught sight of an unidentified suspect sneaking into the school, completely disguised by a baseball cap they wore backwards across their head. The dangerous criminal cleverly hid among the stream of students entering the building as the first bell rang, leaving students … Continue reading Unidentifiable hat-wearing marauder panics NHS

The Kill

By JohnCarl McGrady You are still in atramentous night, Predator-still, the pause of rapt anticipation You long to hunt, but you are bound and now Are still Obsidian-still as the mantle bleeds streams of starlight Thirty paces away She combs the trestles of her silver hair In the grass bed by the shallow pond And … Continue reading The Kill