By Hannah Dalton, contributing writer

The Nantucket Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving teams have completed yet another highly successful season. As their regular season comes to a close, some swimmers have a couple more meets, where they will attempt to prove their undeniable success one last time. 

The Girls Swim team stayed undefeated, winning every meet they competed in this season. They won the Cape and Islands League Championships for the eighth consecutive year, living up to their reputation and demonstrating that their strength as a team has no sign of diminishing any time soon. 

Although the boys’ team did very well this season, they were not able to go undefeated. They, unfortunately, lost to Nauset in a very close meet. With only eight boys on the team, Captain Sarah Hanlon said the boys “struggled with numbers”, explaining that with so few boys on the team, they weren’t able to score as many points. The boys themselves are individually very talented swimmers, but, when they weren’t able to fill all events, it cost them in their point totals. With this disadvantage, it is truly incredible that they were able to see the great success they did. At the Cape and Islands League Championships, the boys only trailed Martha’s Vineyard, placing second overall. 

In the upcoming weeks, the girls will have 11 swimmers moving on to the postseason, which consists of both Sectionals and States. Sectionals were on February 12 and were competed at Milford High School. This competition went really well for the swimmers, with the girls finishing in 4th overall. States is on February 26 and will be competed at Boston University. The boys’ team has 5 swimmers moving on to the postseason. They competed in Sectionals on February 13 at Milford High School, where they placed 8th overall, and they will compete at States on February 27 at Boston University. 

Girls’ Captains Sarah Hanlon and Emily Dussault both expressed that they were extremely proud of their team this season and looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Hanlon felt that Championships, their final regular-season meet, truly showed the tight-knit nature of their team. She explained, “Out of all the championships I have been to, this year felt the most energetic, and everyone on the team was supporting one another”. This successful meet confirmed how strong their team is as a whole as well as their impeccable ability to work together.

Dussault also felt that this season was a special one, with even closer bonds than there had been in past years. She thinks, “this group of girls, from eighth-graders to seniors, is the closest group in all four years of my high school swimming”. With eighth-graders now on the Varsity team, there is an even bigger age range than usual, but the connections between the swimmers are more intense than ever before. 

While Dussault was sure to include the team’s biggest struggle this year: some meets being canceled because of COVID, Hanlon was able to speak of their biggest strengths. She reiterated that the athletic talent on this team is unmatched, and comes from their strong work ethic. She explained that “many members of the team work hard at practice to improve their technique, which can be used in meets to improve individual times, while also helping the team gain points”. While the boys’ team struggled to fill events with their low numbers, the girls have quite a few swimmers with lots of variety, giving them the ability to have swimmers in every event and end meets with large point totals. 

Hanlon expressed her hopefulness for the postseason, once again stating that the team both as a whole and individually has been working especially hard to prepare. Dussault conveyed her excitement and gratefulness for the high spirits and positive attitudes coming from her team members. She said their goals are to “do the best we can and get personal records”. 

These two teams are elite and like no others. They’re virtually unbeatable, whether it’s in their meets, with their work ethic, or their bonds with one another. They are truly unique and unquestionably some of the best. 

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