By Maclaine Willett, editor-in-chief

As the spring season approaches, so does this year’s spring musical at Nantucket High School (NHS). “The Addams Family” is the production that NHS chorus teacher and director of the musical,  Mrs. MacIver chose and is organizing. The production is fully underway, and the cast and crew of students in the show have been rehearsing every day since their return from winter break. As they prepare for opening night, which is March 17th, the cast and crew are currently working on building the set and costuming. Aside from opening night, the other dates of the show include the 18th, 19th, and 20th.

As for the cast itself, the Addams family is made up of Grandma Addams, played by sophomore Tatum Corbett; Morticia Addams, played by Junior Natalie Mack; Wednesday Addams, played by Sophomore Chloe Girvin; Pugsley Addams, played by Junior Kipp Buccino; Lurch Addams, played by Junior Eli Fuller; and Gomez Addams, played by Senior Keith-Anne Maynard. The Beinikie family, which is the family of the love interest of Wednesday, consists of Lucas, played by Junior Tony Fox; Mal, played by Senior Andrew Daume; and Alice, played by Junior Julia Marks. 

In contrast to the past two years, this is the first year since 2019 that a musical has been performed for a live audience at NHS. This absence of a live production was due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and although cases still occur today, the production has gotten the go-ahead to perform for a live audience. 

As the DESE mandate for public schools is set to be lifted on February 28th, and the requirement for NPS is scheduled to be removed March 14th. After the school committee voted to remove the mask mandate at schools effective on March 14th, it looks like the Addams family will be performed without masks. “It would be better if the Addams Family musical could be performed without masks so we can perform and sing better,” commented Sophomore Benton Killion preceding the school committee meeting on Wednesday, February 23rd, when the committee met to vote on the mandate. Now, as masks are set to drop, this is certainly more favorable for performers.

But even with this mandate, Natalie Mack states, “I can feel the energy is certainly different from previous years.” She goes on to say that even with masks, “we are all just so excited to be there each day.” This seems to be a common theme felt by most of those involved, especially those who were devastated by the pandemic’s effect on the shows in the past two years.

The production, as of recent, is “coming along quite nicely,” as Mack would say, and the cast and crew are currently working on building sets and costuming. These processes, especially for the members of the cast that play main roles in the show, are extensive, and some time on the weekends is dedicated to costuming and building sets to ensure the production is ready for opening night. 

Another difference between “The Addams Family” and the productions in recent years is that this show is a full dancing production, in contrast to the show last year that wasn’t due to the pandemic. Mack is very excited about the decision that Mrs. MacIver, along with the cast and crew, has included more dancing in this production. Specifically, the choreography is Broadway-style, and although Mack describes it to be “tough,” she also states that it is the part of the show that she is most excited about. And with every rehearsal, the choreography and blocking are almost complete and fully worked through as opening night approaches.

Regarding the whole experience when it comes to the performing arts, Natalie Mack states that her favorite part is the “process,” and “finally seeing everything come together is truly a magical thing that I am so so lucky to be a part of.” This is something that all of the cast members share: excitement for all of the aspects of the show to come together, including sets, costuming, lights, blocking and choreography, and many other factors that come into play. As the process progresses, this “magic” is something that the cast and crew of “The Addams Family” are beginning to see, which spreads excitement throughout the environment.

With opening night approaching in a little over a week, “The Addams Family” is truly coming together, broadcasting a full cast and crew of talented students with the guidance of Mrs. MacIver and her valuable insight. Anticipation for opening night is creeping in for the group of students involved in the production, and, as Mrs. MacIver would say before the curtains open, “We have a show!” 

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