By Jeremy Caspe, sports editors

The Nantucket Boys Ice Hockey team sits on a record of 7-8-4 as of February 25th. Though they do not have a winning record, they have put in consistent effort through this season, making this year an enjoyable year for the team as a whole.

Saturday, February 12th was a particularly entertaining game for the team. The Whalers faced off against the Bishop Stang Spartans. It was a very gruesome battle between the two teams. The Whalers had a strong first period but were not able to sink any shots. Bishop Stang got the first goal of the game in the first period, another in the second, and two more in the final period. But Captain Hudson Perry stopped the blowout in the final few minutes of the game. The game finished with an upsetting score of 4-1. After a difficult ending to a game, there was some serious frustration on the Bench that fueled the boys’ passion, bringing them back to the rink for practice with intensity and determination.

The boys showed that they have what it takes to compete with tough teams like Bishop Stang, who was on a 29 game win streak. The team started out a little slow right out for the beginning of the first period. Then, halfway through the first period, there was a noticeable difference. Even though the score does not serve the team justice, their level of play by the end of the game was exceptional, with the only goal scored by Captain Hudson Perry. Bishop Stang had some extremely talented players and for the majority of the game the Whalers shut them down.

Captain Cosmo Tedeschi had a lot to say about his team’s play: “I thought we played alright, but definitely not up to the level we all know we can play at. Once we started getting in on the forecheck we started to create some offense and scoring opportunities, but we couldn’t find the back of the net. It was a tough game, but we are putting that game behind us and getting ready for the Vineyard on Thursday.”

The game was a very aggressive battle, with heavy hits and quick-moving plays. The boys hope to raise their 7-8-4 record in the next few weeks to clinch the cape and islands playoffs. Following their game against the Spartans, the Whalers played the Martha’s Vineyard Regional Vineyarders, who they lost to 3-1. This year’s team definitely has kept its spark after losing key players last year and it looks like they may have a good run in the playoffs. 

While the loss against Martha’s Vineyard dropped morale, the Whalers continued to work hard in practice shooting and skating. Martha’s Vineyard has a winning record, and they were a tough team to play. They have some powerful players.

The student sections have been very engaged in the games recently. Showing up to every game and staying strong together. This season, 7-8-4 in the regular season, proved a strong season for the Whalers. They plan to pick up some more wins in the playoff bracket as well. With an emphasis on teamwork and also fostering the individual talents of the players, they are sure to come back stronger than ever next winter.

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