By Natalie Mack, news editor

For those who don’t know, Nantucket has its very own animal shelter: Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals; better known as NISHA. NISHA, in some ways, is like a traditional animal shelter. They take in surrendered animals, as well as stray ones. However, one aspect to NISHA that is unique is the Land to Sea rescue program. The Land to Sea rescue program, which has been running for over a decade, involves a rescue group called Little Mountain Rescue in Mississippi. About once a month a volunteer drives a batch of dogs from this rescue group in Mississippi, to an isolation facility, and then they are brought over on the ferry. Once they have arrived on island, the dogs are brought to the animal shelter to await their new owners.

“I’ve seen multiple batches of puppies and dogs come to Nantucket and usually see most of them get sent home on trial adoptions at the first day of appointments,” volunteer Becky Mack described. This program is how a lot of dogs get to NISHA. However, there are cases where an animal is surrendered or found. 

This month, there are several animals that are looking for a home. 

Corbin: Corbin is a 9 month old Australian Cattle, blue heeler, labrador retriever mix. Corbin is a male. He is affectionate, playful, friendly, and house trained. He has a short coat with brown, black, and white fur. Corbin would prefer a home with children or cats but would be fine living with other dogs. He is neutered with vaccinations up to date and ready to be your new best friend. 

Zeke: Zeke is a 9 month old labrador retriever mix. He is a large, beautiful, golden and beige boy with short fur. He is known to be playful, affectionate, and energetic. He would prefer a home without children but would be fine with other dogs and cats. He is house trained and neuturned with all of his vaccinations up to date. Zeke is ready to start his life with you!

Lucie: Lucie is a 6 year old black mouth cur and hound mix. She is medium sized with short yellow/tan fur. She is affectionate and independent, house trained, and up to date with her spaying and vaccinations. Lucie would prefer a home without children, other dogs and cats. Lucie might just be the right fit for you, or a friend! 

The rest of the adoptable dogs are a part of the Land to Sea rescue program and have not yet arrived on island. They will be arriving on January 13th. 

Mac: Mac is 5 months old

IP: IP is 4 months old 

IOS: IOS is 4 months old 

CPU: CPU is 5 months old 

Giga: Giga is 5 months old

DVD: DVD is 5 months old

In addition to these dogs, there are also cats that will be looking for homes. Gemini, a 6 month old gorgeous light-gray, tawny striped domestic short-hair, is friendly, affectionate, and quiet. His health is up to date, he is house trained, and he is good with other cats and kids. Boggles and Larry, a pair of fluffy fawn and dark brown tabbies, are similarly healthy and good with cats and kids. They are a package deal, closely bonded, and growing closer in foster care. Boggles is the outgoing of the two, and Larry is shy, but making progress in this regard and starting to be playful. Finally, NISHA is currently home to Tyson, a black 3 year old cat described as brave, independent, and athletic. While he is sassy and probably not the best cat for someone with other cats or with kids, he is energetic and playful.

NISHA also holds rabbits for adoption, though none are currently available. 

If you are interested or would like any more information on any of these animals, please contact NISHA at 508-825-2287 or by email at 

If you would like to fill out an application to adopt or foster an animal, or want to stay up to date with the shelter happenings, go to 

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