By Benton Killion, assistant finance director

For years, the high school’s chorus and drama teacher, Mrs. MacIver, has put together a musical to showcase the extensive talent of our school’s actors and singers. Although last year’s show was virtual, it still brought a much-needed break to the endless news stories of the seemingly dystopian society we have been living in for the past two years. For this year’s annual spring show, Mrs MacIver has organized the broadway hit “The Addams Family.” The musical follows the story of two love-struck children, fighting for normality amongst their two strange families. As the two families damage relationships with anger and deceit, comedic relief emanates from Grandma Addams (Tatum Corbett) with her collection of strange potions and unfamiliar natural remedies.

Morticia Addams, played by Natalie Mack, is the loving matriarch of the family, demanding obedience and honesty from whoever she meets. Even in the most deceitful moments of the musical, the cunning Morticia keeps a clear head and devises a plan to get the truth from both families in an unusual game.

Morticia’s daughter Wednesday, played by Chloe Girvin, plans to marry a boy from Ohio, though, out of fear of her mother’s reaction, she only tells her father. To introduce the families before the wedding day, Wednesday and Lucas plan a dinner party to get their families together for “One Normal Night”.

Lucas will be played by junior Tony Fox. Other members of the cast include Pugsley, Wednesday’s older brother, who will be played by junior Kipp Buccino; Gomez Adams, Morticia’s husband, who will be played by senior Keith-Anne Maynard; and the imposing and hunchbacked manservant to the Addams’, Lurch, to be portrayed by junior Eli Fuller.

As a stark contrast to the past two shows, “Mary Poppins” and “Honk!,” this year’s show is a darker drama with comic relief provided by the grandmother. Tatum Corbett, playing the part of Grandma Addams, believes that this spooky play “was a good choice,” for this year and this cast of students, continuing that she feels “like it’s a good play that people will enjoy.”

Additionally, as a contrast to her most recent leading role as Julia in “1984,” Corbett believes, “Being Grandma Addams is going to be different as I have always played serious characters in the past, so Grandma is really my first comedic character, and I feel like it might be a bit of a challenge.” Grandma Addams, famous for her homeopathic remedies, uses her eccentricities to provide some laughs and give good advice, providing an overall wholesome character for the audience to adore. Corbett concluded that “this show is already one of my favorites.”

As a result of the pandemic, this is the first musical to be performed live in front of the community since March of 2019. Unfortunately, the need for masks remains, though Mack takes a more optimistic view that although “this year’s spring musical will be different from any pre-COVID shows I’ve done because we still have to wear masks, I am so grateful to be able to be a part of it.” Since the lockdowns in 2020, so few shows have been performed in front of a live audience, so for many students, this will be their first in 3 years.

Though there was a show last year, it was virtual and few people joined the cast. Mack commented that  “for last year’s musical, there wasn’t as much participation as there has been in past musicals, so it was amazing to see how many students auditioned this year.” The hallway outside of the auditorium was packed with students waiting for their chance to sing and audition. Mack added: “I am so excited and ready to begin working on this production!”

“The Addams Family” also brings a fuller cast, and scenes with more characters at a time than the fall play, “Almost, Maine.” That love-focused classic was composed with all scenes written so that only two students had to be on stage at a time, to limit potential COVID spread. Current guidelines allow the MacIver and the student cast to continue with many students on stage at a time, and they believe it will stay this way into the spring, where they hope to bring a wonderful show to their audience. 

With less than three months to learn the script, students have been practicing their lines and vocals at rehearsals nonstop. Even considering this grueling schedule, the cast continues to become more and more excited as the first live performance on March 17 gets closer.

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