Veritas Staff

Veritas is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to staff!

As of this issue, sophomore Benton Killion has joined staff as assistant finance director. In this role, he will aid finance director Sarah Hanlon in bringing in advertisers and coordinating payment for things like printing and student entries in awards competitions. As well as being a repeated contributing writer to the paper in his freshman and now sophomore year, his diligence in attending to financial issues for the paper, as well as his consistency in showing up after school, willing to help out with whatever is needed, has proved him to be a valuable member of the Veritas team. This addition to staff is little more than a formality. Veritas editors expect to see this underclassman rise in the ranks as the years continue.

The role of photography editor, previously held by junior Maddux Hinson, will be filled by junior Abigail Mason. In past issues, Abby took initiative to organize photographers even before she was on staff. Her photographs are also featured in editions from last year, and in this issue. With her eye for catching the right angle and a commitment to filling the paper with photos from diverse sources, she will be a good addition to staff.

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