By Maclaine Willett, Editor-in-Chief

For the 2021 Homecoming season, girls from the NHS classes of 2022 and 2023 participated in the annual Powderpuff flag football game on Wednesday, November 3rd. Initially, it was scheduled to be on the Tuesday prior, but the game was rescheduled due to weather conditions. This event is something that has been a tradition at Nantucket High School between opposing junior and senior classes for years. The 2020 game was canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions, so it was refreshing for the community to see the Powderpuff game resume its place in the event schedule at NHS. 

The opposing sides were both coached by football players from the appropriate grades. The seniors were coached by DJ Francis, Caiden Shea, Justin Bloise, Makai Bodden, Garner Ray, Ryan Downey, JJ Bennett, Jahlani Immanuel, and Justin Zadroga. The multiple coaches were all enthusiastic about contributing to the team and about having the most fun possible while trying to be competitive against the juniors. All coaches had different roles, some specializing in offense, like Caiden Shea, and others in defense, like Makai Bodden. 

For the juniors, the same system was put in place with coaches including Sean Murphy, Ian Williams, Jeremy Caspe, Owen Wilson, Aidon Ranney, Manuel Castro, Steve Romero, Luke Stringer, Sam Cristler, and Sawyer Corby. These boys were just as excited as the senior coaches, joined enthusiastically by the girls. For their specializations, the offense was led mostly by Ian Williams and defense by Sean Murphy. 

In preparation for the game at 6:30, the juniors began their warm-up on the field while the seniors prepared at the top of the gravel entrance, as a tradition of the Powderpuff game at NHS. There, the seniors led a cheer that mimicked that of the football team’s pregame cheer, then jogged through the entrance of the field with the flags in hand. Competitively with this extravagant entrance, the juniors, unfazed, continued their spirited cheering and team huddling.

The juniors came out of the coin toss victorious, choosing to take the ball first. As the game progressed, Evelyn Fey, quarterback for the seniors, scored the first touchdown of the game and put the seniors on the board. The fired-up juniors made their efforts just as aggressive, working to put some points on the board. But they were unable to do so and the final score of the game ended as seniors 12, juniors 0, with Raegen Perry putting another touchdown on the board for the senior team and the senior defense finishing the game in triumph. 

Even though the seniors ended with the win, both sides thoroughly enjoyed the unique and exciting experience. Senior Ava Mosscrop stated that the game was “really fun and a good opportunity to bond with the juniors and the energy from the sidelines was really good.” Furthermore, she also added that she is “glad we won.” 

The excitement expressed by players on the sidelines was something that both teams expressed as a key role in having a worthwhile experience during the game, considering the fans and bench players on both sides were extremely enthusiastic and energetic.

Junior Lana Bresette stated that she loved to see “everyone getting so hyped up and all of the energy around it.” This was clearly a highlight of the experience and is likely something the lower grades are looking forward to participating in. Bresette also touched on how she loved seeing how invested the coaches were and how “everyone in our grade came together even if they weren’t playing,” meaning the students in the stands or on the sidelines were just as lively as the ones on the field. Although Bresette thought the juniors could have been a “little more prepared,” she and the rest of the juniors did not seem bothered by the loss solely because the experience was just “really, really fun.” This tradition, no matter who comes out victorious, seems to be one of great reviews all around.

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