By Eliza Brown, contributing writer

While the girls’ soccer team may have faced adversity this season, they have continuously improved and worked hard to turn their season around. Their record at the close of the season is 2-13-3. They began their season with some difficult losses, but in a recent game against Dennis-Yarmouth they saw their first win. The score of the game was 3-1, with all of the goals scored later in the game. The first and final goals were scored by freshman Adney Brannigan and the second goal was scored by Senior Captain, Evelyn Fey. The girls have also tied two games so far, one against Barnstable and one against Falmouth. 

The team’s win against DY was important, not only because it was their first win but also because they had previously lost to this team 2-1. Sophomore Lauren Cutone commented on the improvement throughout the season, noting that,  “Our season so far has been really good despite the score outcomes of some of our games. Over the season we have been getting better in multiple areas like communication, teamwork, and skill which all help our performance on the field. It can definitely be seen when we tied against Barnstable and Falmouth when we had previously lost to them. Also, when we beat DY 3-1, when we had lost to them 2-1 before.” The improvements in scores against the teams they have already played against greatly reflect the growth of the team throughout the season. 

There is a lot of talent on the Varsity team, but it is important for them to work efficiently together to perform well in games. Cutone said that their communication and teamwork have been some of the key improvements this season, and it has shown in their gameplay. Captain Fey stated, “I have seen amazing improvements in our season. The second time we played all of the teams, we improved by so much, and ended up either tying or beating them.” The team has improved greatly throughout the season, and their determination to continue to do well as the season came to an end was evident.

Junior Lydia Johnson commented on the bonding between the team throughout the season. “We really came together as a team this season and really were a team. I’ve seen a lot of improvements because of that, we really worked together very well this season,” she said. “We were really close this season which was great. Overall, our team has done really well through our teamwork.”

Fey also commented on the team atmosphere, noting that, “Our team has kept such a positive attitude throughout the year and it’s been such a fun environment to be around.” The team has seen success, and every member has learned how to better work as part of a cohesive unit throughout the season. In addition, they have had fun on the field and with one another, which is definitely one of the most important things, especially in a high school sport. The team has bonded and had a positive experience that has been reflected in their gameplay. 

The girls’ Junior Varsity team had an excellent season, with them winning over half of their games. Recently, they tied their game against East Bridgewater, with a score of 3-3. Another recent win was their game against Barnstable, where they won 9-0 in a great game. Their effort has paid off, and they have an upcoming game against Martha’s Vineyard to hopefully continue their success. 

Overall, Nantucket’s girls’ soccer has seen change for the better, and it showed at their game against Martha’s Vineyard on October 31st. In a 3-2 victory, the team showcased their hard work. This homecoming game joined the many successes that the Nantucket High School racked up against Martha’s Vineyard. The team has made its school proud, and hopes to do so again next year.

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