By EJ Hemingway, contributing writer

The Nantucket Girls Hockey players will soon be on the ice again! This winter sport of Nantucket High School has only played two seasons in the history of Girl’s Varsity, with a total of 1 win on this newfound team. This win, achieved last winter season, was up against Nantucket’s greatest rival; Martha’s Vineyard. Nantucket sprung with glee at this leap for the girls, which then added a sneaking suspicion of what’s to come in this upcoming season, and what these hockey players can achieve from this step. 

Lydia Johnson, a junior, and a captain of this team, plays as a left-winger. She waits anxiously for the season to arrive, excitedly declaring: “We’re beating the Vineyard this year! That’s that.”

She, along with many other girls on the team, are ecstatic for their ability to step up as a team and increase their standings in the league. Johnson said that she has an optimistic attitude towards the massive change in players this year: “I’m excited to come together as a team while adding upcoming younger girls!”

She did, however, also acknowledge that “we’re going to have to build a new team, we have so many people coming up, so it kinda is like a new team”. With the loss of their Goalie, Shea Harnishfeger, and other talented players on the Varsity team, these Nantucket players will have to work together to welcome the upcoming younger players, and drive towards the vision of a win. 

The first-ever sophomore captain of this team, Claire Misurelli, added insight on her enthusiasm and wishes for the future, saying that she is “hoping that everyone playing just gets to have fun.” She concluded that she is “looking forward to playing with the new girls coming up to the team this year”. This agrees with the explanations of her peer, Johnson; they both seem to buzz with excitement for what the future may hold. 

With a total of 20 games this year, the team’s count will increase by a whopping 7 games compared to the 13 games in the previous year. The hard-working mindset of these girls will surely prove to help lead them to success as they begin the challenging season. 

The members on this team, too, have been decreasing over the years, adding the question of what effect this will have on the teams’ success in the season. Four of the players last year left due to their graduation from Nantucket High, while others turned to other paths they decided they would rather pursue. The incoming players joining the Girls Varsity team will add to the numbers, and give the upperclassmen some new teammates with whom they can share the knowledge they have accumulated from experience, and from whom they can absorb the spark and energy that comes with freshmen.

Fey, a senior of Nantucket, plays at center and has been with the team since the establishment as well as the other captains, Johnson and Misurelli. She loves the attitude of the team, and how well the players seem to work together: “I am looking most forward to just being with our team again. It’s always so fun and such a happy environment”. All praise about the way these girls work together is supported by their success in their game against the Vineyard last season. They won partly due to their bonds with one another. 

It may be challenging for these ladies with the absence of last year’s goalie, and many other talented players, but with the motivation and kindness shown by these captains, they are confident they can have a fun and successful season once again. The team seems almost exhilarated to play with these younger girls this Winter, and will use the power of the ambition and passion on this team to try their best, and hopefully win some games!

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