By Lily Remick, assistant news editor

The end of the field hockey season has come and the Lady Whalers have had a total of 5 wins, 8 losses, and 1 tie. The Lady Whalers have played in weather conditions such as pouring rain to sweltering temperatures, but the weather doesn’t seem to affect their play. The women on this team have worked incredibly hard all throughout the season; they show up on days that they don’t want to, and push hard until the end of practice. Now that the season is coming to an end, with two games left, the women want to finish it off strong and make it to the tournament.

The last game for the Lady Whalers was on Saturday, October 30th against their athletic rivals, Martha’s Vineyard. The girl field hockey team’s last game against MV was a tie 1-1, and the MV lone goal was scored in the last five minutes of the game. After this game, Lady Whalers strived to finish each and every one of their games strong with no remorse and no show of tiredness in hopes that this will never happen again, and so far it hasn’t. However, on the 30th, the team lost 2 to 1. Still, they keep their spirit and are happy with their performance regardless of this one loss.

The main thing these women have worked on is putting the ball into space and anticipating a play. They also worked on positioning and moving around for their teammate to pass. An ideal game with a win needs energy. The players on the Nantucket Field hockey team have noticed how good plays happen when there is high energy and communication. They recognize that energy is an aspect to being a good team player.

The team not only has focused on building team spirit and energy, but bonding, because they have realized without team chemistry, you cannot be a great playing team. The coaches have also been a part of this endeavor by setting up a team meeting after a practice where they made a field hockey handbook. This handbook had non-negotiables that the team made up together, such as; being game-ready, helping each other every day whenever you can, supporting from the bench, and hustling on and off the field. Not only did they do this, but they also had a team dinner after practice on the field. 

The field hockey team’s senior goalie, Maclaine Willett, has been a goalie for at least five years and excels in her role. Willett has a viewpoint that no other team player has on the field. Since Willett is able to see better than anyone else on the field, she has the upper hand on being able to help players with positioning. Willett worked on communicating to the defense where they need to go and where she needs their support in the area of the net, as well as letting offensive players know what to work on. This has been a big help to the team this year.

Willet gave her opinion on this season as her final season of playing for the Lady Whalers: “This season has been one of the best honestly, our team has so much chemistry and I am going to be so sad when it’s over. I think we were more successful in many ways, making it to the playoffs which is awesome! I just loved this season and it was a great way to end my field hockey career.”

Another senior from the field hockey team, forward Quincy Sullivan, is an asset to the team; she is always one step ahead and able to talk through plays during games and help other teammates. Sullivan said, “I think this season went really well and is probably one of the best seasons we’ve had in years. We all really bonded throughout the season, which has definitely improved how we played. I am really sad to have to leave such a great team, with so much team chemistry.”

This season for the Lady Whalers Field Hockey team is so important because what people fail to realize is how far these ladies have come. These women haven’t played other teams in over a year, until this season. Last year was intramural playing because of Covid-19 and this year these women have had to strive to work hard and play against other teams in and out of their league. What is so amazing to the audience as well as the players and coaches is how competitive the team is and how these ladies have been able to hold their own and use this year as a new start to make the team stronger than it has been in the past. They didn’t let the uncomfortable aspect of playing actual teams and traveling interfere with their playing. 

The field hockey Lady Whalers have two more games and then their very long season will come to a close. However, the players on the team have already started talking about how they will continue to work throughout the year to make sure next season is just as intense, if not better. Coach Allan Law has a Sunday academy that many of the ladies on the team will participate in. The women on this team strive for success not only on the field but to be a positive team with chemistry. Thanks to their efforts from this year they feel they have accomplished this and will continue to work even harder next season and throughout this year. 

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