By Maclaine Willett, editor-in-chief

As the 2021 fall season comes to a close, the cross country teams boast a successful season as they make their way through the post-season schedule. Just like the other fall sports at NHS, cross country has competed well enough during the regular season and was able to compete further in a championship meet. For their league records, the girls did not lose to any team in their league during the regular season. The boys’ cross country team did lose some league meets, but still competed in the championship meet with the girls on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Both the boys and the girls enjoyed their 2021 seasons, sharing strong chemistry between teams. This bonding is easy between the co-ed groups considering both teams practice together; even though they compete separately. The group as a whole is a strong, united program. 

For this season, the cross country teams had four seniors as the leaders of the programs: Andrew Daume, James Mack, Raymond McClure, and Sam Wisentaner. These seniors have been key leaders for both teams, giving it their all for their last season as members of the NHS cross country teams. They have been role models for the younger players on both teams in order to help secure the program’s growth with future players, even after they themselves depart. 

Sam Wisentaner comments on the season for the girls, stating that the season was “very hard” when considering the number of injuries that circulated throughout the team. But, they were still able to successfully defeat the teams in their league, which was a great accomplishment. She continues on with the main goal of the girls on the team: improving their times from the previous seasons. As a senior, Wisentaner states that she will miss the “team dynamic” the most, mentioning the “van rides and the songs we would play on the way up.” 

EV Pekarcik, a sophomore on the girls’ cross country team, is someone who also had a great season. At the championship meet on November 2nd, Pekarcik came in second place overall out of the runners from a variety of teams that attended, which was a huge success. Overall, the girls’ cross country team has not only a victorious season on their record but has had an accomplished season when it comes to team chemistry and bonding. 

For the boys’ cross country team, senior Andrew Daume expresses how great the season has been so far— but it is not over yet. He explains the practice schedule and format of both teams, saying that the teams start with a 10-minute warm-up to try to avoid the kinds of injuries Wisentaner mentioned, and continue with running for 20 minutes to try to improve times. Along with many of the other members of the teams, Daume stated that a common goal was to improve run times and that this was “achieved” throughout the season. Daume expressed how he is going to miss the chemistry of the team greatly, especially the small moments like “joking during the practices about stuff like being sore,” and bonding as a program. Another great aspect of this year that Daume touched on is the high number of middle school students joining the team, which means the high school team will be “stacked” in future years after this senior class graduates. 

Overall, both the boys and the girls had successful and enjoyable experiences during the 2021 fall season, producing competitive and cooperative teams that we’re able to not only be serious when it came to important meets and competitions but could also have fun and bond as a unit. And as Daume stated, there is a bright and full future for the cross country program here at NHS.

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