By Jeremy Caspe, Sports Editor

On Saturday the 25th, the Lady Whalers Volleyball team battled against the Holbrook High School Bulldogs in a Non-League match. With a current record of 5-4, including two shutouts, and an in-league record of 4-2 (as of October 3rd) the Lady Whalers hope to continue their hard work on the courts and win their remaining games.

In Saturday’s match, the Whalers went in knowing it was going to be a hard match. The Bulldogs are a volleyball powerhouse with a 7-1 record.  Saturday’s starting lineup consisted of the two outside hides, Kacey Riseborough and Chloe Marrero, the two middle hitters/blockers, juniors Kalina Natcheva and Amelie Roberts, the setter, freshman Bianca Santos, the libero, senior captain Viktoria Krasteva,  the opposite hitter Yvie Scarlett, and the defensive specialist, Adrienne Riseborough.

Freshman Leah Crowley is also making herself known on the court, shining in the first game that she has got exposure in, a home game against St. John Paul II on September 23rd. She set a season high for the Whaler team with 24 assists. Though she is young, she is definitely a player to look out for in the future.

Natcheva comments that the biggest goal for the team right now is working together: “Our team right now is focusing on working together as a team, and building our chemistry.” Though the team has many talented players, getting everyone on the same page has been a struggle so far this season: “We just have to bring everyone together and work as a unit.” Teamwork is the key to keeping their winning record going for the rest of the season.

The team, led by coach Andrew Viselli, has been receiving accolades for their performance this year. Riseborough in particular has been a star hitter on the service line this year, scoring 12 aces in a recent game against the Sturgis East Storm on September 20th. We have “talented players who all work hard in their positions” confirmed Natcheva, praising her teammates.

Looking at the stats, Dennis-Yarmoth looked like a very strong team. They overall have more kills than the Whalers, and they have an undefeated record, ranked 2nd in the cape and island league right behind Barnstable High. Earlier in the season the Whalers lost to them but there seems to have been a lot more improvement and it was an exciting game, though the Whalers did end up losing again, 3-0, leaving Dennis-Yarmouth with their undefeated record this season.

Playoffs are not far away, and the Lady Whalers are showing what they can do on the court and their success on the court has set them up for a strong season. Despite their recent loss against Dennis-Yarmouth, they are hopeful to keep up with practice and finish out the season strong. They will play seven more games, five league and two non-league, if they do not get into the playoffs, and they hope to keep up their winning record. With consistent impressive games from their many talented members, continued work in games and in practice, and work on communication between players, the team is sure to make it far.

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