By Eliza Brown, contributing writer

The girls soccer team has been having a difficult time adjusting to the new season this year. According to Senior Captain Sarah Hanlon, for many of the players, being on the Varsity team is a new experience, as only four of the girls have played in a Varsity game previously. In a tough first game of the season, the team lost 0-6 against East Bridgewater. In one of their most recent games on September 25th, the score was 0-1, with Nantucket losing to Martha’s Vineyard in another difficult game. So far, they have yet to win a game, but the team is looking forward to winning one soon. 

 While in their first and most recent games the team may have not scored any goals, there were still some great scores in other games. In the September 17th game, freshman Gianna Quinn scored a goal against St. John Paul. While the final score ended up 1-2, with St. John Paul winning the game, the Nantucket players still gave their best effort and played well. In the game against Barnstable on September 14th,  senior Captain Evelyn Fey scored a notable goal. Nantucket had a free kick and freshman Adney Brannigan stepped over the ball to confuse Barnstable’s defenders, and Fey was able to shoot the ball and score. 

On the other hand, the JV girls soccer team has seen some success in their games so far.  Out of the five games they have played, the girls have won three of them. Most recently, the team won 3-0 against Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, September 25th. In the September 21st game against Falmouth, the JV team was able to score four goals, and the final score was 4-5 with Falmouth ultimately winning. The JV girls are doing well in their season so far and hope to continue this effort. 

While the Varsity girls have yet to win a game, senior Macy Crowell, another team captain, feels good about the talent within the team: “We haven’t played together until this season, but we have started to really come together and work alongside each other very well.” She specifically noted the defense, saying that they have “a very strong defensive line that has been the backbone keeping us in these games.” 

The team has also seen consistent improvement, which should lead them to a win later in the season. “Our team has played extremely well so far this season,” confirmed Hanlon. “Although we haven’t won yet, our team has improved with each game as we learn from our opponents and get used to playing with each other.” The girls team is full of new players who haven’t really been able to play in a game together until this current season, so it has been a bit of a learning experience for the team as a whole. Hanlon shared her excitement for the upcoming games, and she feels hopeful that they will see a win soon. 

While the team is still learning how to best play together, the team gets along well, and have been able to improve as a group. Fey commented that the “great team chemistry” is key for her when it comes to enjoying the games as well as success on the field. Additionally, she feels that the team “all get along very well which is super fun.” Camaraderie between teammates is important for success, and this is sure to reflect into their gameplay in the future.

Fey said that the year so far has been “pretty hard because our team is so young and we’ve never all played together. We haven’t won a game yet which is a little discouraging, but I definitely feel a win coming soon!” It is clear that this season has had its challenges, but all three captains are confident in the abilities of their teammates and are very excited for a win sometime soon. 

The team is hoping to be able to get their first win at their next game on Thursday, October 14th.  The game is away against Falmouth at 4 pm, and it is sure to be a great, competitive game. The team has already played Falmouth this season, with Falmouth winning the game 3-0. Hopefully the Whalers can win this second time around. The varsity girls soccer team is looking forward to continuing to improve and work hard to continue their season with success. With many more upcoming games, their season is far from over, and they are confident that they can turn their season around.

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