By Sarah Swenson, Editor-in-chief

This year, the boys soccer team is starting off the season strong with a 4-2 record, currently 3rd in their Cape and Islands league (as of October 3rd). Their offense is on display in the streak of mostly high-scoring and fast-paced games. Members of the soccer team are “optimistic” that the team will continue to improve as the season progresses, and even make it to the playoffs.

“So far, we’re doing pretty well.” commented Junior, Quinn Keating, “I feel like that trend will continue.” 

Covid restrictions have loosened this season, meaning the team can actually play against teams from other schools. Last year, they had a season of limited play, meeting for practice and scrimmages within the team, but not playing other schools. They also did not get a season in the spring, when many fall sports got a chance at the season that they missed. This means the players lack over a year of real-game experience.

However, Junior Wes Thornewill, who plays wing, thinks that “we seem to be doing really well, considering we haven’t really had an official season of soccer in over a year.”

He highlighted Senior David Lemus-Castro, an attacking center midfielder who has been doing well in terms of points this year. After drawing 0 points for the first two games, he rocketed towards the lead for Whalers in points, finding the net every game following. Keating agreed that Lemus has been a strong scorer this season.

Keating also points to Freshman Jose Aguilar, a defensive center midfielder, as a rising star to watch out for: “He’s really stepped up… I think he’s doing really well.” Keating felt positive about the team in general, stressing the solid playing by the team’s defense and their array of seniors. 

Team captains Richard “Treyce” Brannigan and Max Beebe are also doing a good job of coordinating their teammates and setting an example for younger players, according to team members.

Thornewill explains that the only thing he thinks the team needs to work on is “playing consistently the entire game… I think sometimes we start off the game slow and lose a few goals but we usually come back.” This is reflected in the team’s game against Falmouth on September 21st, where the Whalers gave up two scores early, only to come back for a 5-3 victory.

Quinn adds that the team could improve their pick up rate on 50/50 balls: “If someone like the goalie pops one in the air to try to get it out– we gotta work on winning those balls.” 

Team members comment that they believe their chances of getting to the playoffs are high, and that it is “the end goal”, with Keating adding that he could see the team winning some games, and maybe making it far. But the real goal of the team this year, he affirmed, is to make “everyone better… to get everyone on the same level.” Growth across the board is the key to real success.

The team has 9 more games to play, and members are looking forward to the opportunity to continue to grow.

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