By Maclaine Willett, Editor-in-chief

Take a minute and picture this scene: orange and red leaves crunching beneath your sneakers, cool but comfortable gusts of wind grabbing these leaves and twirling them into a dance of natural synchronization. Scented candles fill rooms with the sense of warmth and comfort with their essences of pumpkin and spices. Now that you have pictured this scene, tell me what’s wrong with it. 

I hope you struggled to find the faults in this scene as much as I did because, trick question, there are none. Autumn, as so briefly and unjustly described above, has no faults, and therefore holds ranks as the best season to exist.

Of course, I must address the other seasons as well, considering they have certain characteristics that are also worth mentioning. I mean, take winter,  in which lies the best holiday to exist. I will give winter that victory, there is no way any other holiday beats Christmas. But, once Christmas is over, almost directly after all of the presents are unwrapped and revealed, winter becomes annoyingly prevalent for far too long. During the months of January and February, you can hear older neighbors complaining of back aches as they shovel snow out of their driveways, kids whining that they are too cold because they didn’t dress prepared with appropriate layers, and new drivers expressing their stresses regarding driving on snowy and icy streets. All of these things are downsides to winter, especially after Christmas when the holiday spirit vanishes until the next November and December. Even if you pledge to be against all things Scrooge and are a die-hard believer in the Christmas spirit, you must admit that it does not last throughout the whole winter, leaving the end of the winter cold and brittle. 

And of course, April showers do bring May flowers, and who doesn’t like flowers? I’ll admit that too, fall does not flaunt the beautiful flowers that bloom in spring. But personally, I think the warm color palette of autumn leaves has a much more comfortable, calming aesthetic that feels a lot less hectic. The bright colors of flowers are great, don’t get me wrong, but I would much rather enjoy the subdued colors of autumn. 

And the big one, the season that probably receives the most praise and popularity, summer. I get it, summer is great and is a nice break from all of the work of school and certain careers. But, every summer I find myself longing for fall by mid-July. During summer, it is so easy to lose track of goals and be unproductive when the beach is just calling your name, when the waves are grabbing at your toes, beckoning you to stay for just another hour. So, summer can’t reign number one due to its temptations of procrastination and laziness.

Really, nothing compares to the beginning of the school year, reconnecting with those you have missed for the past few months, and just getting back into a normal routine and schedule again. And out of all of the points of the school year, I guarantee the majority of students will choose fall as their favorite. What’s not to love about getting out of class, running to go get hot chocolate with your friends, then heading to the football game under the lights? These football games are key to the ultimate high school experience. You will never feel more connected to your school and more school pride than when cheering on the football team with all of your friends and classmates in the stands. Building from this, the other events during the fall also reign supreme during the school year. The highlights of my personal high school experience have been the Homecoming festivities that take place in autumn; decorating hallways and floats, having all of the teams play on homecoming day and being able to see all of the exciting games, pep rallies, homecoming dances, and spirit week. You name it, autumn has it.  

One of the key aspects of autumn that must be mentioned is of course, Halloween. Although I can not bring myself to admit that Halloween is better than Christmas, I will say it comes in a close second place. Some may argue that this holiday is only fun if you are younger, since the older you get the more odd looks you receive when snatching candy from doorsteps before 8 year-olds get to it. But, the simple act of watching these kids enjoy the holiday is just as fun. Seeing all of their costumes will for sure bring a smile to your face, and maybe even a laugh. Not to mention the fact that Halloween can be fun for older ages as well. I mean, teenagers all still find it just as fun to dress up in goofy costumes with their friends for a fun, social activity. Oh, and the pumpkins, can’t forget about those. Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do with family and friends and always is enjoyable, even if you end up like me and get frustrated at your awful design due to your extreme perfectionism. Still worth the stress though, especially since it is just a lighthearted, festive activity to do this with others and enjoy it together. 

If you are not convinced yet, then I am not sure you really understand the extent to which your life would be filled with so much happiness if you fulfill your time during autumn, do all of the autumny activities, try new ones, and appreciate the beautiful season that is fall. If jumping into a giant pile of leaves is not appealing to you, then I don’t know what is. 

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