Veritas persevered through the pandemic, covering critical news stories affecting Nantucket High School (NHS) and the Nantucket community as a whole— even in Spring of 2020, when the school was closed and pandemic anxiety was at its worst. In the last year, Veritas has increased traffic to its website over 1,500% over last year and 300% over its all-time peak, all without losing too much print distribution. Now, as seniors graduate, it’s time to turn the paper over to next year’s talented staff. 

Editors in Chief, JohnCarl McGrady and Maisie Cocker, who have held their position for two years, guiding the paper through the pandemic and breaking some of its biggest exclusive reports, are both graduating. They will be replaced by highly capable Assistant News Editors, Sarah Swenson and Maclaine Willett, who have spent this year learning how to manage the paper and are more than prepared to take control. Swenson is a highly intelligent writer with a strong grasp of what goes into a news story, producing articles that hardly need to be edited. Willett brings a different perspective, with strong ties to the sports world at NHS.

Assistant Editor Reese Burns, known for her delicious recipes, witty editorials, and insatiable love for Harry Styles, will have her position filled by Anna Popnikolova. Anna has already received widespread acclaim for her sophisticated prose style and moving editorials, one of which was a finalist for a national New York Times essay contest, and her refined craft will doubtless be an invaluable asset for her coworkers next year. The Assistant Editor position is also being renamed to Assistant Editor in Chief, to underscore its importance as the number-three spot on staff.

Dependable, hard-working News Editor Amanda Mack, who has brought consistently strong news coverage and a strong work ethic to the Veritas team, is also graduating. Her role is being taken by her sister, Natalie Mack, who has a unique talent for thinking outside the box and will bring her flair for human storytelling—even when her subjects aren’t human—to the newsroom.

The irreplaceable Camie Strojny, who has single-handedly ensured the future of the paper and coordinated the sports section with deft leadership and remarkable skill, will also be attending college next year. The new sports editor is Jeremy Caspe, who, despite being a recent addition to the team, has already shown a love for sports and an ability to capture the details of games and matches.

Photo Editor Christian Mack, who has been taking photos for Veritas for three years, will be replaced by Maddux Hinson; who is already taking photos at a professional level. One look at his Instagram page tells you all you need to know about Maddux’s qualifications for this position.

Finance Director Grace Hood, who joined Veritas staff partway through the year and still managed to bring in large profits for the paper despite the pandemic, is the last staff member graduating. Sarah Hanlon, who has quickly become one of Veritas’ top news writers, will be taking her spot. Sarah landed on the front page for both of her first two articles, a feat that has not been accomplished in at least five years. She will handle advertisements while also serving as an important piece of the news apparatus. 

The position of Assistant News Editor, vacated by Swenson and Willett, is being taken by Lily Remick, a younger staff member who will likely climb the ladder quickly, and will doubtless be one of the paper’s top editors by the time she graduates.

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