By Natalie Mack

I walk up to Nantucket High School on a beautiful April morning. My favorite kind of mornings. Sun is shining, birds are chirping. Life is just how it should be. “I am going to stay after school because I have musical rehearsal,” I tell my older sister Amanda. She ignores me and steps into the lobby. 

School drags on and finally the clock hits 2:20pm. I walk to the auditorium eager to start running Act One of the show. Once I arrive, my director Mrs. MacIver immediately provides me with a task. “Natalie, can you please go up to the costume loft and find a costume for the father swan role?” she asks. Nodding my head I walk behind the curtains and to the terrifying steep loft stairs. I slowly walk up, fearing I might slip and go rolling down. To my surprise, I make it up. I start to walk along the sides, moving around costumes to find the best one. As I walk down to the end, I notice something white coming from behind some of the hanging costumes. “Perfect!” I say to myself, thinking it may be a costume for father swan. But what I find isn’t a swan-like costume. It’s a door. Not just any door. A door that is glowing so bright it almost blinds me. Without hesitation I reach for the knob and turn it. Still squinting my eyes, I step inside the frame. As soon as I do this, my stomach is pulled forward by a strong force. I start to fall. Down, down ,down. It seems there is no end in sight. After what feels like forever, I finally hit the ground with a “thud”. 

I immediately jump up and look around. “Is this heaven?” I say to myself. “I must’ve actually fallen down the loft stairs, died, and now I am in heaven,” I cry.

 “Don’t be silly Natalie, you didn’t even fall!” a high-pitched voice says to me. 

“Who said that?” I yell as I try to match a face to the voice. 

Once I finally am able to see clearly, I notice I am in some sort of building. It’s actually very nice, I notice. It looks somewhat like what I would design. “Um, hello,” the voice says coming from a desk behind a counter. 

“Who are you?” I asked, confused. 

The woman looks offended. “I am Sarah, the receptionist.” she replies. 

“Receptionist?” I ask. 

She stares blankly at me. “Did you hit your head?” she finally asks. 

“I must be dreaming,” I reply back. 

“Well you did say this was your dream!” Sarah says enthusiastically. 

“My dream?” I respond. “What is this?” I ask. 

Sarah sighs. “Natalie, this is your animal rescue facility.” she explains.

 “What?!” I yell. One of my dreams was to have an animal rescue business, is this woman telling me it isn’t really a dream? I walk over to one of the chairs in the lobby of my apparent rescue facility, sit down and close my eyes. 

Just as I shut them Sarah says, “Shouldn’t you get going?” “Don’t you have to be there at eight?” 

I open my eyes and sit up. “Where do I have to be?” I asked, puzzled. Yet again, the woman at the desk stares at me with a look of confusion and disbelief. After what feels like forever, she finally says. 

“It’s Saturday..”. “What’s on Saturday?” I asked, confused
“Do you want me to take you to the hospital?” “Are you ok?” Sarah asks. Before I answer Sarah’s question, I begin to realize what might be happening here. My own rescue business and Saturday Night Live. Those are my dreams. Could it be possible I’ve time traveled? Into the future? 

I guess I will just have to go along with it. “Oh yeah, no, I’m good.” I say finding the nearest door. “See you tomorrow!” I shout, unaware if that statement is true or not. 

I walk out to a parking lot and notice I am holding a bag. I rustle around to find a set of keys. Not sure which one is mine, I click the unlock button to hopefully see one light up. At the far end of the parking lot I see a white four door sahara jeep wrangler with a back hard top light up. A white jeep. My dream car. I eagerly jump into it and type in “Saturday Night Live studio” into the google maps on my phone, which I also found in the bag. I drive past a huge lit up area. Out of curiosity, I turn down the road. 

In front of one of the buildings I see a huge sign in front of a large building that says “Legally Blonde” —on Broadway starring Natalie Mack. 

“Am I in a Broadway show?” I scream to myself. I suddenly begin to feel the falling sensation I’d felt before. My mind goes blank and my eyes go black. Before I know it, I’m back in the costume loft. I push away the costumes but there is no white door. “Was it all a dream?” I ask myself. I couldn’t have been. As I slowly walk down the loft stairs, I think back to what my future will be like. Even if that was a dream, I’m going to do everything I can to make it a reality. 

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