By JohnCarl McGrady


By day I am a paladin— 

White armoured, arrayed with bright shield,

I carry lance and sword and helm and steel.

I am the champion of justice; the herald against sin.


By night I come to you!

Black cloaked, tattered in my hollow breath,

I leap and snap and wreak this vengeful death.

I am the demon of the shades; the bleeding knife in morning dew.


How shall I return to waking glory?

When by night, I am unleashed and free?

I soar at the cries of his death; I embrace the animal in me.

My armor lies in dusty heaps; I prefer the hunted quarry.

But listen!

I am no dog

The crowd chants for his release, hear it!

My teeth tear into his throat at their fit,

I am but the instrument of lofty goals; a vicious cog.


I take thy name!

I bathe myself in ambrose animality!

I leave behind the fetters of society!

I drink the red nectar of mortality!

I cast back my head and I am lifted by screams!


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