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By Natalie Mack

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to what we watch, we all have our own niche. Some people are fine watching a horror movie and then going to bed in their dark room right after. That certainly isn’t me. Others enjoy a sappy romantic hallmark movie where the same exact scenario happens each time, a girl goes back to her hometown and meets up with an old friend and they hit it off and she ends up changing her entire life for someone she “fell in love with” just short of a week ago. Not for me either. In other circumstances, people enjoy watching an informative documentary. You guessed right, not my niche either. Finally, you have the people who stay up until 1 AM on Saturday night, watching NBC’s Saturday Night Live. That’s me. 

Here’s the thing. I never used to be this way. I had a wide variety of TV shows and movies, from many different genres that I enjoyed. It wasn’t until our world went into lockdown, March of 2020 that I willingly restricted myself to the genre, comedy. Why, you might ask. Well, here’s the thing. I found that with the uncertainty and sadness of the pandemic as well as various other chaotic things going on at the time, comedic relief was necessary. So, I dove deep into discovering any and all comedy movies and TV series that I could watch. I started out watching the popular series The Office, rewatched one of my favorite shows, New Girl, and watched various different comedic films. 

What would I be writing this article for if I wasn’t going to give you some recommendations? I would be a bad writer. But, I’m not, or at least hope I’m not, so here are my favorites. My number one would be the Grown Ups movies. The first Grown Ups movie, starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and many other talented actors, was released in 2010. It tells the story of five men who were former teammates on their schools basketball team, now grown up and with their own families and lives. When their beloved basketball coach passes away, the group reunites for the funeral. As their families all spend a weekend together at a lake house, they soon rediscover their old bonds. Grown Ups has all the right amount of comedic relief as well as a heartfelt story about the importance of family and friends. Grown Ups is one of those movies that you finish watching and immediately find out if there’s a sequel. Lucky for you, there is. The second Grown Ups movie was released just three years after the first one, in 2013. Grown Ups 2, follows the group as one of them moves back to his hometown, where the rest of the group is, to find that he didn’t leave his crazy life behind him in Los Angeles. Although I can’t decide which one is better, I can safely say that they are both worth the watch. 

Second on my list of must-watch comedy movies is Daddy’s Home 1 and Daddy’s Home 2. Daddy’s Home, staring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Linda Cardellini, and numerous other well known actors, tell the story of kind-hearted radio executive who is striving to be the best  step-father for his wife’s young children. When his wife’s ex-husband comes back into town, the step-father quickly becomes insecure as the father of his step-children one-ups him in many ways. The two men find themselves in a battle as the step-father tries to win the approval of his family. “

“Surprisingly sweet and sneakily hilarious, Daddy’s Home will pleasantly surprise you when it lets loose.” Katie Walsh from Tribune News Service stated. Similar to the  Grown Ups movies, Daddy’s Home has a heart-warming story weaved into the hilarious scenes. What I think most people will enjoy about this movie is that some of the content can be relatable. Some may even learn a lesson or two about fatherhood throughout it. In 2017, much to the delight of Daddy’s Home lovers, Daddy’s Home 2 was released. Daddy’s Home 2 reveals the step-father and the biological father of the two children to be friends and a part of a well-operating “co-dad” plan. That is until the holidays roll around and the biological father’s father shows up as well as the step-fathers father, causing the two to doubt themselves and their relationship with each other. With a Christmas tree cutting fiasco, a snow-storm, and a snow-blower accident, Daddy’s Home 2 will most definitely leave you laughing just as much as the first one. Although there is no set release date, a Daddys Home 3 is expected to come out sometime late 2021 or early 2022. 

Lastly, Saturday Night Live. SNL is a weekly show with a celebrity host, a musical performer, as well as talented writers who outline sketches for the many talented actors to perform for a live and broadcasted audience. Each week, on Saturday night, these many people come together to perform various pre-written skits. Since 1975, SNL has taken merely any topic and made it hilarious, as well as created their own stories. I would mention my favorite skit, but I can honestly say that I can’t pick one. Each week, they all have me cracking up. SNL does perfectly what we all need right now, to sit back and laugh. Laugh at the chaos. Life shouldn’t be focused always on the negative. 

In closing, I hope you dive deep into comedy media, watch my recommendations and laugh your way through 2021. I know I will be! 

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