By Reese Burns

Harry Styles.

I love you. 

I just thought I’d let you know. 

I love your fluffy hair, your sense of style, your music. 

I love when you sing about watermelons and I love when you sing about cherries and kiwi. 

Do you like fruit? I do. 

I love your episodes of Carpool Karaoke

And when you performed on a crosswalk

I love when you dress up like a ballerina or like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 

And I love when you dress up like a watermelon.

Can’t forget that.

Did you know you write too many songs about me?

What if my family was from Carolina?

That’d be pretty cool.

I love your pink stairs

And your pink beanie too.

I love all your eras-

Frat Boy Harry, Long Hair Harry, HS1 Harry, Dunkirk Harry, and Fineline Harry


I have a very important question.

Where did you get your Grammys Outfit?

And is Sweet Creature about Louis?

I love that song the most.

Remember when you’d fall in 1D concerts? Lol.

I love when you say “This is a family show! 

Or is it?”

Tell Niall I love him too.

And I guess you can say hi to Olivia for me.


I thought Dunkirk was going to be your only movie

Why are you doing more?

We want HS3

And some more rock and roll.


I can’t write poetry but I think I killed this.

Just saying.

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