By Camie Strojny, sports editor

Upcoming Events Cont.

Camie Strojny

Nantucket High School students and administrators have a lot on their hands as winter comes to an end and spring arises. With navigating traditional events while undergoing transitions in Massachusetts’ COVID-19 protocols, these already difficult times are becoming more and more challenging. 

The senior class proved successful with the December Delight events, and have raised enough money to push them through their events and tentative reunions. As of now, they are selling sweatshirts that can be bought for $50 apiece in the NHS Library. 

For Graduation, the plan with current protocols is an outdoor ceremony with seniors on the football field, with two spectators per senior spread out on the bleachers. The senior class officers have been working diligently to provide an unforgettable graduation for June 12th. Class flowers, commencement speakers, graduation cap and gowns colors and measurements, and so much more goes into only one of the seniors’ rite of passage events. The Class of 2021 will be handling the Class of 2020’s car parade, an annual event. 

Recently, the class officers decided a Senior Prom may be possible. Fundraising for the event will not be an issue, as the seniors are financially secure. However, coordinating a place for the event may be more challenging. In order to not force each senior to pay for additional formal attire and fees, and with Senior Ball so close, the provisional plan may be the beach on a platform to make things less formal, but still a prom. 

Senior Class Vice-President Ruby Dupont states, “I am super hopeful that with the senior class’ determination and creativity we can find a safe way to make a Senior Prom possible. I would love to see all of my peers have one of those high school milestone events to bring our NHS experience to an end.” 

Senior Ball is a high-priority event, on June 10th, the Thursday before graduation. The Nantucket Yacht Club normally holds this dance, and as of now, they do not know if they will have visitors, and if so, current guidelines are only 100 people maximum indoors. There are roughly 117 seniors, not including faculty, so a rotation inside to outside in groups may be the plan for Senior Ball. states that the capacity restrictions will be altered on March 22, 2021, to 100 people indoors and 150 outdoors. 

Plans for Baccalaureate are tentative at best. A beach event could work, but if the weather turns against them, the Nantucket Ice Rink may be able to hold the event, as the ice was melted for the spring recently. Again, everything could change as more people get vaccinated, but the officers are working with what they know, not what they think might happen. Seniors and Juniors will be playing a Powder Puff game for the annual Island Cup game in late April, but plans for this are still in the works.

Juniors are preparing for their own prom, as well. With the new restrictions allowing 100 people indoors, the Junior Prom may be able to use the rotation technique that Seniors are considering for Ball. Junior Class Advisor Darren Lucas states, “It is looking like prom could happen. I have started conversations with [High School Principal Mandy] Vasil and [Vice Principal Jen] Psaradelis, and I continued conversations with Great Harbor Yacht Club. We are in the process of figuring out the logistics and no final decisions have been made at this time.” 

As spring events in the school come up, there are many exciting things to look forward to, in addition to the events for upperclassmen. Look out for Virtual Bingo April 2nd and 9th. Student Council has prepared a “Spring Spirit Week” April 12th-16th, featuring Color War Day, Comfy Cozy Day, Favorite Character Day, Daffodil Day, and Whaler Pride Day. Additionally, a Spring Has Sprung Door Decorating Contest will be held, as well as a weather-dependent Cornhole Tournament April 26-30th. A Spring Scavenger Hunt has a tentative May date, also weather-dependent. SATS will be held in May and June, with more information available on, and no ACTs are scheduled on-island for the time being.

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