By Lily Remick

As of March 8th, the Nantucket Ice Rink melted the ice, making things look a little different than in previous years. They opened to the public for activities on March 17th. There will be numerous activities to do including sports, games, and space to simply rent out.

The ice has been taken out because more money will be lost trying to keep the rink open as a skating rink during the spring. Spring is Nantucket Ice Rink’s slowest time of year. In addition to spring being slow, the pandemic has caused the duties of an ice rink to be challenging to fulfill. The idea of taking the ice out, but keeping the rink open, was made so that the community can access a place to have fun and not feel so isolated at home. The rink will have a vast amount of things to do but also ensures safety precautions and protocols due to Covid-19. Now that the ice is taken out temporarily, many people can go for many different reasons, not just ice-skating-related activities.

There will be many sports and activities such as basketball, soccer, roller skating, pickleball, rollerblading, and even a mini-golf course, as well as space to rent out for birthday parties, or anything you are interested in renting it out for.

The mini-golf course is being built by local companies and carpenters, and one hole is even being built by our fellow high school students in the Wood tech department. Putters, balls, and other supplies were donated by Pirates Cove Mini-Golf Course on the Cape. The ice rink will be occupied at certain times for high schoolers for various sports. This is a new idea sparked by the rink employees and board members. The new Spring concept is temporary. However, by the end of June, the ice will be back up in time for people that are craving to play hockey and other ice sports.

Board member Devin Remick states, “I have always wanted to introduce the rink to a wider population of our community and this meltdown has given us that opportunity. Turning our facility into a community center for a few months will show everyone that we are more than just ice. With the future addition of a temporary floor to go over the ice, we will be able to offer so much more. I look forward to seeing much more of the community in our building this spring.” 

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