By Sarah Hanlon

Every year, students from many different grades come together to perform a musical for our Island’s community. Last year, when the pandemic of COVID-19 first started to hit, students and staff received the heartbreaking news that their performance of Mary Poppins was going to be canceled to the public due to the health risks of the virus. Luckily, that musical was not completely canceled, as they were allowed to put on a performance for students during school; however, it was not what many had imagined during their hours of rehearsal and hard work that was put towards the show.  

Many have been wondering what the school musical will look like this year. Fortunately, plans for a school musical are on their way. This year, students will be performing the musical Honk! This is the musical version of The Ugly Duckling that tells a story of accepting yourself for who you are and having others accept you too. 

Due to COVID-19 and the regulations around singing indoors, this year’s musical will be performed in a virtual format. The director of the show, Mrs. MacIver, explained what this means, and how she thinks this year’s show will go, saying, “Because of Covid, the department of education has decided that singing indoors is not allowed at this time. As a result, we cannot rehearse any of the music in the building. Because of this, the musical is actually going to be virtual. This means that all the actors will have to record their parts separately, and then we will put them together into a performance.” 

Senior Maisie Cocker has performed in the school musical every year since she was a freshman. She was one of the many students who had been preparing for last year’s performance of Mary Poppins, however only got the chance to perform one or two shows. While she acknowledges that this year’s show is going to be challenging, she seems as though she is extremely excited about this year’s performance. She comments, “though we just started rehearsals, I can tell that this cast is going to have a blast despite all of the new restrictions of virtual production. We are making the best of it and for many who haven’t done any performing since Mary Poppins last year, this is very refreshing.” Maisie also notes that the message behind this year’s show is very heartwarming and that she believes it is what many people need during these tough times. 

This year’s cast consists of only twelve actors who will be playing multiple roles throughout the show. Though this is very different from the previous years, Mrs. MacIver notes, “It is certainly going to be challenging, but I think the cast is up for the challenge.” The cast is diligently putting time and effort into the showcasing of the musical as if they were to perform in a world without COVID-19. This will be the first time a virtual school musical has ever taken place at Nantucket High School and should be streamed in May for everyone to watch. 

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