By Camie Strojny, Sports Editor

The Lady Whalers Girls’ Basketball Team has been given the opportunity of valuable learning opportunities as they undergo a rebuilding season. With a league record of 0-13 and a non-league record of 1-15, the team has nonetheless shown remarkable growth and resilience by maintaining a positive attitude and not allowing the numbers on the scoreboard to get the best of them. As playoffs begin, the team prepares to remain humble and play to the best of their abilities. 

The girls on the court now are not the same players compared to twelve weeks ago. Their ability to improve on teamwork, communication, and positivity is absolutely unmatched. The team knew this would not be a season of wins across the board, they focused more on building a cohesive group for the seasons ahead of them. Senior Captain Sydney King reflects on their growth through the last two and a half months, “Our game against Cape Cod Academy (CCA) opened the door to our goal of being the strong team we always wanted or desired to be,” when they won their first game 55-50 on February 13, 2021.

With the upperclassmen side of the group being composed of two seniors (King and Kamoy Barnett) and eight juniors, the younger Junior Varsity girls rely on the older girls to maintain positive influences on what the team needs to do in order to succeed. Captain King credits Junior Raegen Perry for holding the team by saying that she “has really carried this team through it all with her encouraging attitude and talents, she has helped our team get over this tough season of losses.”

Their biggest challenge continues to be converting shots into the net, and most importantly, rebounds. The amount of turnovers in each game is what really holds them back. Their overall upper defense is superb. The dynamic Barnett sister guard duo, Cece and Kamoy Barnett, are mighty powerhouses who shine most in pressing the opposing team up the court. The girls are improving on looking for good passes by keeping their heads up when dribbling. It is the little things and technical stuff that need to be fixed in order for the girls to start winning more games. 

As the winter sports season comes to a close, the team is pleased with their hard work and dedication that persisted throughout the losses. Although Captain King acknowledges that although their competition continues to put in hard work and dedication as well, she is hopeful that the next basketball season will strengthen the younger girls’ perspectives on what makes a team whole— keeping the defeats from this season with them and into consideration. 

Captain King stresses the importance of having fun in your sport but recognizing that, “You still have to keep your head in the game.” Lastly, King goes on to say, “I think in the last 2 or 3 games of this season we really tried our hardest, I am just glad we got a win and hopefully more to come in playoff season. I am very sad that basketball is ending and it’s my last season, but I am excited to see where this team goes in the next year or so.”

Some people give their perspective that this season across all sports teams has been “a season to forget” with Covid-19; however, this team will surge and prove an upwards trend in the coming seasons due to the growth they experienced with one another during this 2020-21 season.

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