By Maddie Iller

Boys’ Hockey has gained rapid popularity in the last few years. Spending dull winters entertained by our local team is a great pastime for students, as well as islanders. The crowd created half the thrill, with the buzz of trash-talking and cheering as we watched our team bodyslam opponents against the boards and give slapshots which led to many wins. With the pandemic, the school allowed winter sports to play interscholastic, but with no fans able to watch. Only family members and hockey team staff gain the privilege to see the games in action. NCTV18 was able to film a couple of games, broadcasting them on Facebook for fans; however, most can all agree that seeing them on a screen doesn’t match watching them in person. 

The team has proved that they don’t need fans to continue bringing in constant wins. As the season is nearing the end, they currently hold a record of 9 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. After winning the league title last season, they knew of the difficult opponents they had to face to reach their goal once again. They have proved over the last few months that with their determination and diligence, they can see their goal is coming close to reality. Senior Captain Marsh Hickman reflects on the season with satisfaction, “we have improved greatly over the season. We’ve been starting with more intensity during our games which brings confidence and intimidation when against other teams.” He also discussed how the pandemic has changed traditions for the team besides wearing masks, saying, “Covid has affected many rituals we have tried to carry on throughout the years, especially before the games preparing us in a mental state from what’s to come.” 

The team’s most recent home game against Mashpee proved how much the hockey team has already accomplished since last year. Enjoying their senior game while winning 3-1, Senior Hickman scored one goal and Junior Cosmo Tedeschi scored two more goals. Both goaltenders on our team played, switching at halftime. Senior Boden Corbett saved 10 of 11 shots on goal, while senior James Culkins saved all nine shots on goal while he was in the net. It was truly an aggressive game with Junior Hudson Perry making a comeback after a prolonged injury, body-slamming a Mashpee player completely to the ground, causing a positive reaction from teammates and the family member audience. 

With only two more games and play-offs ahead, the seniors are making sure that each moment counts. Losing nine valuable players next season has left the rest of the team with their work cut out, but with the three new varsity freshmen, Michael Culkins, Hunter Strojny, and Colby O’Keefe continuing to impress the upperclassmen, the team can expect great outcomes for the future. When fans are welcome back to the ice rink again, the hockey team will continue to bring the excitement people crave. 

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