By Camie Strojny, Sports Editor

The upperclassmen events that were canceled have been difficult to reschedule or plan thus far in the year due to Covid-19 protocols and Nantucket’s placing in the red zone. As much as the juniors and seniors would like to have a traditional Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Junior Mister, December Delight, graduation, and more, we need to acknowledge that over 400,000 United States citizens have died from this virus and that Covid is prominent on the island. 

The Junior and Senior Class Officers have made an attempt to look at the possibilities and logistics of the events. The Junior Class Advisor, Mr. Lucas, has been in contact with Great Harbor Yacht Club, for a settled date of May 15, 2021, for prom. Everything is still up in the air.

Mr. Lucas reveals, “If the prom were to happen today, we could have only 10 students if it was indoors and 25 students if it was outdoors. This is due to the current COVID-19 safety guidelines put out by Governor Baker. Some other guidelines we would have to follow would be once students are at a table, they would have to stay at that table for the entire event (students would not be able to mingle amongst other tables), and food and drinks would have to be brought to the table.” 

Although these protocols deem the prom as essentially a banquet to ensure social distancing, the juniors are grateful to have the opportunity to have a prom at all. Junior Mimi Belanger states, “I’m definitely grateful for the people who want a prom, and I am happy with the work that the class officers have done.” The senior class will not have their own “Junior” Prom or share a prom with the juniors for protocols and fundraising purposes. The hopes of that going forward is that the seniors can mirror what the junior class did with their prom, for their Senior Ball.

Junior Class President Sarah Hanlon tells that there is a possibility for a change, “because we continue to receive new information, we may be able to have the event look like more of a “normal” prom depending on the guidelines closer to the date.” Luckily for the juniors, the Event Director at Great Harbor Yacht Club Sarah Storie reassures the worries of a date, “Thankfully it is an easy enough event with minimal set-up so we have flexibility right up until the week of.”

As Junior Prom is the first event to come up in the calendar, other than Junior Mister, a lot of the events planned afterward are essentially looking at how that worked, and tweaking some things in order to ensure the protocols, and change accordingly. There are some plans floating around for graduation, one thing for sure is that it will definitely be outside rather than in the auditorium. Discussion about Junior Mister being able to combine with juniors and seniors was a potential idea for fundraising; however, it is all up to each individual to continue doing their part and staying safe if we want to have the opportunity to have a final fun event with our peers. 

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