By Bella Cutone

With the winter sports season in full swing, the Girls’ Basketball Team has begun adjusting to their new normal. On top of the mask mandate, the team’s greatest difference has been adapting to the loss of many seniors from last year. 

The whalers have begun their season with a current 0-3 record as they face tough competition. With a few games under their belt, the team recognizes this season may be more challenging than years past. The girls started their season with two games back to back against Nauset High School who Captain Sydney King states are their “toughest competition” within their league. Although Nauset called for a strong fight from the Nantucket Whalers, King believes there has already been “a great deal of improvement and skill during the games.” The score rarely reflects the overall performance of the team. Despite the numbers on the scoreboard, the girls continued to put up a fight and prove to be a strong competitor. 

Playing a sport during the time of Covid-19, as well as losing many strong players, proves to be a challenge for all athletes; however, the girls basketball team has remained positive. So far this season, the team’s greatest strength has been their morale, which is arguably one of the most important aspects to maintain during these strange times. The girls see their own potential as they are working to improve themselves each practice, each game, and truly whenever they get the chance. King highlights the defense as she explains, “we can be very strong once we think about it and act.” The team struggles in their offense as they are still working to fill the gaps left by last year’s seniors. Major adjustments had to be made to the way the team runs their offense, due to the loss of their top scorer. In past years, the girls’ main focus has been getting to the net and making layups, but this year they are depending mostly on their strong shooters to be the source of their points. 

Looking ahead to post-season play, there have been minor adjustments. The girls will still have the opportunity to play in the league playoffs, but there will not be a state tournament this year. Their greatest goal this season is to make the most out of the season they’ve been given. King believes that “our team can be very successful once we put our minds and body to it.” She also explains that one of the team’s greatest focuses is to overcome anything and everything that may be put in their way. With a tough start to the season, the team has been focusing more on making changes to their play and have been unable to focus on the larger, overall goals. As the season continues these greater goals will soon come into play. 

Despite a challenging start, the Girls’ Basketball team pushes forward, keeping their morale high. They are eager to showcase their true potential and everything they have to offer. 

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