By Lilly Remick

A couple of months ago news got spread around Nantucket that Moors End Farm had a new litter of Yellow Lab puppies. The minute the news got out, many people were quick to contact the owners of the farm. People reached out in hopes to get a puppy. Even though the litter was huge, only 13 people had the opportunity to adopt a puppy. It was a first come first serve situation to get one of the puppies. Four of them were girls, and nine were boys. The puppies were also born on Friday the thirteenth, which some felt was an auspicious omen.

Due to the pandemic, many people felt stressed, anxious, and lonely. Having a companion such as a pet is very helpful. During quarantine when you are bored or if you have worsening mental health, it is hard to stay home alone for so long. Many people were interested in adopting pets for this reason. Thirteen lucky people were able to adopt a puppy from the island and take them to their homes. These unprecedented circumstances have made it a perfect time to be getting a puppy. Due to a lack of places to go and things to do, it can be a very fortunate thing to have a dog, which gives you the ability to get out of the house more. You could go on walks and get outside, alongside someone who would help you get through these dull days. Some of the reason for the many adoptions is simply because of the lack of companionship and being stuck at home. The Moors End puppies are just a few of the many puppies adopted in the world this year.

What’s most amazing is that these puppies are local puppies. While they grew up together and made bonds, the bonds don’t need to break because they can always meet up whenever, because most of them have homes on the island. If you were to get a puppy from a dog breeder, you would be taking them from their siblings forever. On top of this, another unique thing about being able to have a Moors End puppy is that you can see them while they are growing up and make a relationship with your puppy while they get older. Once it’s been eight weeks, you can take your puppy home already having met them multiple times, whereas, if you got a puppy off the island, you would have no way of growing with them and making a bond with them could be trickier. 

This rare opportunity of having a litter of puppies locally during a pandemic is different for many reasons, including that you don’t have to travel to get your puppy, everyone knows them very well, you can grow a relationship with your puppy while they are getting old enough to be taken home, most of the dogs are still able to hang out together since they have homes on island, and it’s a much more simple process than trying to adopt from a dog breeder off-island. 

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