Everything on this page is the original work of Sam Hofford

Hi, my name is Samuel Hofford and I’m a senior at Nantucket High School. Throughout my high school years, I’ve managed to bring my passion for both film and photography together to share stories that have an emotional impact on my family and friends. For the past two years, I have participated in the island’s annual film festival through a program called Teen View, producing relevant films that relate to island issues and current events. I love seeing things through a lens that most people overlook. I try to draw attention to parts of the world around me that are often missed. Making and watching films is a great pastime of mine that I enjoy very much. It triggers my creativity and lets my mind flow to places I never thought possible. 

Expressing myself through film and through photography is probably some of the only ways I can really show my emotions. It’s clearly visible through the ways I edit, to the way I direct the camera’s movement. Film will always play a large role in my life and will forever be a big part of me. 

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