By Camie Strojny, Sports Editor

The diving team is facing some serious adaptation challenges this coming season. With only four divers total, and a loss of key seniors such as Matt Giachetti and Lily Bartlett, their 2020-21 season will be composed of filling the holes the previous divers left. Diving Coach Drew Arent returns to coach for his eighth consecutive year. 

Senior Captain Jahime Peters and Junior Captain Alexis Connole are strong divers, with both of them diving since their freshmen year. The other two divers, Sophomore Hunter Gross and Freshmen Ella Hofford, are both new divers who have bright futures ahead of them on the diving team. Connole feels as though the season is going pretty well for how small their team is. To straighten out the kinks, Connole understands they can “practice more and really push ourselves to do more” to reach their fullest potential. 

The diving team’s practice is typically an hour; however, with Covid-19 restrictions, the team has been cut down to forty-five minutes. This may not seem like a big difference, but Connole reveals that with shorter practice times and a smaller group, “it gets much more tiring quickly.” She emphasizes that having a smaller team is a lot more fun due to more board time. 

Coach Arent agrees with Connole that a smaller group is nice due to more board time. He also adds that he enjoys the ability to “spend more time with each diver,” which allows the four divers to grow more quickly and without making bad habits in form. Arent will have lots of time this year to work closely with each diver, considering traveling is not in the cards for right now; instead, both the swim and diving teams are looking more into virtual meets at home. 

Peters is determined to have personal growth as a diver this season. He has been hard at work in order to perfect his dives. A specific goal of his is to “nail my 2 ⅕ forward dive and my triple (x3) backflip.” Peters reflects on his time on the team: “I’m really sad this is my last year because it all feels like it’s going by too fast.”  

Arent expands on his own goals as a coach, which the divers also share. He wants to improve the dives the divers already have in order to build on more dives. Each diver needs 6 dives in order to compete at every meet. The team is having a slow start to the season, but Arent is confident that they can pick it up. Arent further explains that there is a dive requirement every week and “only one of my divers fulfills that requirement.” 

With the captains having previous years under their belt, the new divers eager to

learn and expand, and Coach Arent being a very experienced diver coach, the small team has high hopes that they will be able to reach their goals for this season.

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