By Bella Cutone

As interscholastic sports make their return to Nantucket High School, the Lady Whalers Hockey Team is ready to give it their all. Embarking on their second season as an official high school team, they are now prepared for whatever comes their way. Led by Head Coach Cassie Thompson and Senior Captains Ruby Dupont and Shea Harnishfeger, as well as Junior Evelyn Fey, the team is excited for what is in store. 

Despite a few changes made to the game, the team was able to continue with a relatively normal style of play. Masks are required amongst the team at all times, whether on the bench or the ice, and face offs have also been adjusted as the players must keep six feet between each other. With games scheduled to start in January, the girls are planning to make the most out of this unpredictable season. Dupont explains that although Nantucket has been granted an interscholastic winter season, “most schools don’t want to come to Nantucket due to the travel.” As a result of this, the team is expecting a lot more away games than they had last year. Fey speaks highly of the team and believes they have handled these changes well: “We will try to work with them as best as possible and make the most of the situation at hand.” 

Coming off a tough season last year, in which their record showed a majority loss, the team has high hopes for what this season brings. A common goal for this year is to finish a game with a win. Harnishfeger reveals that, “listening and focusing on what we were supposed to be doing during practices” was what the team struggled most with during their previous season. 

With a season under their belt and the bonds they formed as a team last year, the captains all have high hopes that this will be a successful season no matter wins or losses. Regardless of the outcome, Dupont states, “We just hope that everyone improves in skill level and has fun.”

The team understands that it is important to keep the morale high, this year more than ever, so many have taken it upon themselves to take on that role. Shea Harnishfeger’s confidence in her team has remained strong as she believes, “We will win some games this year and see a lot of improvement as a team and in individuals.” With a year of experience, this season is already looking up for the Lady Whalers Hockey Team and is only the beginning of this team’s strong potential. 

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