By Camie Strojny, sports editor

As Covid-19 deemed a traditional December Delight impossible, the Class of 2021 had community support and alternative ideas to keep the fundraising tradition alive. December Delight Co-Chairs, Becky Hickman, Tracy Halik, and Becky Miller, as well as other senior parents such as Eleanor Antonietti, Heather Freeman, Jayne Culkins, and Jess Hicks, all worked hard throughout the difficulties of planning events during a pandemic. Though there were times of discouragment, the group pushed through to make sure the senior class will now graduate with enough money for graduation, caps and gowns, yearbooks, and reunions. 

December Delight this year was spread over a few months rather than one weekend, as it normally would be. The senior class officers and senior class advisor, Paul Buccheri, partnered with the company Lynch Creek, which sells Christmas wreaths and decorations. Any person in the world could use the website, and 15% of the proceeds went to the senior class. If the individual were to donate through the website, all proceeds went to the senior class. The organization was a positive start to more upcoming events. The class was able to sell homemade crafts and Christmas decorations through the Sustainable Nantucket Farmers and Artisans Market in late fall.

The Miacomet Golf Course lent space for a pop-up to the class on December 6, 2020 to sell homemade crafts classmates had made, wrapping paper, and raffle tickets. As the Town Administration was leaning away from crowds, the event was not to be advertised. December 12th, 19th, and 20th, The SeaGrille Nantucket allowed the class to continue to sell their crafts and such, as well as leftover Nobby Shop clothing donated by Linda Williams for low prices. The pop-ups were an overall success from the volunteer work from parents and seniors, as well as the community for supporting the Class of 2021. 

Each senior family was given the task to bring in three rolls of wrapping paper, five scratch tickets, and something to auction off on the online auction website. The wrapping paper went to the pop-up fundraising, and the scratch tickets were raffled off. Traditionally, the Homecoming King and Queen would pick the winners; however, Malique Bodden and Kamoy Barnett had prior commitments. Instead, Jack Gammons and Camie Strojny filled in to pull the winners. Each stocking, knitted by Heather Freeman, contained over $850 worth of scratch tickets. The contestants paid $10 for each raffle. The winners were selected on December 22 over a Facebook Live on the Nantucket Year-Round Community Page. The winners were locals, Amy Masterson and Gerri Roche.

Becky Miller, co-chair of the December Delight, was primarily responsible for the online auction launched on December 6 and closed on December 21. With prizes such as being the first car at the senior car parade, trash pick-up for five months, a day on a fishing charter boat, and many more valuable items and opportunities, the online auction was very popular amongst the community. Companies donated auctioned products and senior families auctioned others. The individual who bid the highest received the item, which the seniors volunteered to hand-deliver to them. 

More fundraising events, such as selling merchandise, are still in the works to continue fundraising for the Class of 2021. Through adhering to the strict Covid-19 protocols and working closely with the community, Nantucket really represented their positive attributes by supporting the senior class. None of this could have been possible without continuous effort, hard-working senior families, co-chairs, and constant community support.

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