By Reese Burns, Assistant Editor

Is it just me or did 2020 go by so fast? Obviously, it was undoubtedly one of the most chaotic and heartbreaking years yet, but I can’t be the only one who feels like it was just March 13th. When thinking about how quickly the months of 2020 flew by, it’s crazy to imagine what 2021 will bring. In a way, it feels like we all kind of missed out on what could have been a great year. And maybe it was a great year for some! But let’s be honest, overall, 2020 sucked. There is no doubt about that.

To begin, the pandemic clearly took the spotlight this year. Claiming over 1.7 million lives worldwide, COVID-19 was ruthless. Is ruthless. Out of the 12 months of 2020, we only spent about two of them in normalcy. As soon as the bell rang on Friday, March 13th, everything changed. And it changed alarmingly fast. Before we knew it, we were doing school from our bedrooms, isolated in our homes, limiting our in-person socialization to our immediate family. And the masks. Does anyone even remember what it is like to walk around in public and see another person’s face? Because I don’t. I find myself watching movies or tv shows and getting surprised when I see people in large gatherings without masks. We have been in a covid world for about 9 months now and with the hopes of the Pfizer Vaccine success, maybe it’s possible we could be a few steps closer to normalcy by this time next year. Don’t take my word for it though, I am no scientist, nor am I a psychic.

Excluding the pandemic from the conversation, 2020 was quite literally the world in flames. The California and Australian Wildfires absolutely devastated wildlife and destroyed homes, forcing millions of people to evacuate. The escalation of such natural disasters should be a violent wake up call to our leaders and the world to the magnitude of our changing climate and the impact it has on us as humans and the environment.

Finally, arguably the most important aspect of 2020 is the racial revolution. Following the murder of George Floyd, the country surged and protested against the obvious police brutality against people of color and demanded change. The continued abuse of the justice system and the merciless murders of hundreds of unarmed black men and women at the hands of police officers has never been tolerated and this year, actions and words spoke at a beautiful volume. Protests erupted all throughout the United States and countries around the world to raise awareness for the ongoing abuse demonstrating to our so-called leaders and protectors that we will not accept any more fabricated excuses for the murders of innocent people.

I could very well be missing some huge details or events that occurred this year and whether or not I am goes to show the reality of how big this year was but how fast it all happened. Instead of trying to come up with a sloppy conclusion to end this piece, I decided to leave a little message to all the seniors who feel extra tired this year. And this message can go out to all the teachers, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors too. Whoever needs it.

To my fellow classmates of 2021, I know this is not how we wanted the end of our junior year and the entirety of our senior year to turn out. This is truly one of the worst ways we could have ever imagined ending our high school career, I think we all realize that. We never got our Junior Prom, a traditional Homecoming, interscholastic fall sports, and I hate to say this but in all actuality, we are probably not going to be getting a Senior Ball or typical graduation. But beyond all the absence of the beloved traditions, we didn’t even get to experience our senior year in school. I know it’s really sad and frustrating and incredibly draining. It’s hard to stay motivated when everyday feels like groundhog day. Maybe it’s just me but I have been wearing the same outfit to “school” for the past week. And honestly, that’s okay. I’m exhausted, and I’m sure you are too. This is just a reminder that you are doing a great job. Between balancing college applications, sports, scholarships, school work, personal life, and attempting to have somewhat of a social life, this is not easy at all. But you’re doing great. Give yourself some grace, relax, and it’ll all be okay. Just remember you are awesome.

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