By Bella Cutone

As fall sports come to an end, it is clear that the Nantucket Golf team made the very most of what they had. Rather than their typical style of play, the team adapted to a new double elimination bracket tournament at the varsity level. Despite the changes, this golf season remained a success, led by Head Coach Nate Roberts and Senior Captains Marsh Hickman, Roy Ryder, and Will Harris. 

With the absence of interscholastic matches, many teams struggled to maintain a certain level of motivation; however, for the Nantucket Golf team, this was no issue. As the team resorted to a tournament style of play, their tenacity remained high and as Hickman puts it, “We were all very competitive and wanted to win the championship.” As golf is such an individual sport, there fortunately were not many changes made to their season. Harris says it best, stating, “We stayed motivated by having the best competition we had ever faced, ourselves.” This rang true as Harris continues, many of the players “crushed their previous records and were consistently better” when compared to years past. Their season ended in the final match, the championship round, between Roy Ryder and Marsh Hickman. As both boys were seasoned players, this matchup made for tough competition. Ryder eventually defeated Hickman, winning Nantucket High School’s ‘Golfer of the Year’. Not only did this new style of play maintain a high level of motivation and competition amongst the team, but many other elements to the season benefited as well. 

There seems to be a similar takeaway from all of these fall seasons, as the team states that one of this season’s greatest successes was the bond they were able to form between one another. Everyone had the ability to play in matches, rather than a select group of starters, and the team was able to be around each other almost everyday. As the younger players continue their high school careers, this season has proved to be of much importance to them. The new way of play allowed these players to experience a certain level of competition that they haven’t been able to take part in before. They had the opportunity to play real matches (counting towards the tournament bracket) both with and against the older, more experienced players. The captains feel confident in the team they are leaving behind. Having all spoken highly of their fellow teammates, Hickman states, “Our team this year had lots of talent and I feel we would have gone far in our league.” Although this was not the season any of the players had once pictured, they gave it their all, proving to be only the beginning of what this team has in store. 

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