By Sydney King

As the first fall Intramural season comes to an end, the Lady Whalers girls’ soccer team says goodbye to a great season and a great group of seniors. With there being no interscholastic play this season, these girls have overcome challenges and stuck with the season until the end. Change after change, yet the team still walked off the field with a smile. 

With a season like this one, the players learned many lessons. Bella Cutone, one of the captains of the team, explained the importance of cherishing memories made in past seasons, “I realized how important it is to treasure the little things that make up these three fall months.” The Lady Whalers did make memories this season, yet the games, traveling, and bus rides were indeed missed throughout. 

With games occurring every Tuesday and Thursday for the Lady Whalers, there was still competition and battle. There were goals set just like every season, yet this year they were different. Usual goals of winning the league championship or beating a specific opponent were not possible, however, this season was a chance to set more personal goals. Coach Brian King, the new Head Coach for the Lady Whalers, states, “we didn’t have to focus on the team results, I feel this helped our players believe in themselves and play with no fear of making mistakes.” This season will have an impact on future seasons’ competitiveness and value. 

With hopes of some sense of “normal”, the Lady Whalers hope to get the chance to play during the Fall II season. The MIAA provided this season for schools to participate in close contact sports, such as football. This season is scheduled to start in late February and end in the middle of April. With wishes for a schedule to be made for this season, it is still a question on whether or not it is possible. 

Cutone explains that being one of the eight seniors leaving having a Fall II season “would be really nice, to play one last relatively ‘normal’ season with the team.” Having normalcy soon is in many thoughts. 

Even though this season was not expected, the Lady Whalers have learned many things and it has been beneficial in the long run. Many players are already looking forward to the next fall season and excited to get playing competitively. Macy Crowell, the Lady Whalers goalkeeper and soon to be senior, has many hopes: “I hope that we can take what we have learned this season and apply it to a more competitive environment against other schools.” For the Lady Whalers, this season may be ending, but there is so much more soccer in their future. 

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