By Jack Gammons

As the 2020 boys soccer intramural season comes to an end, the interesting season brought both negative and surprisingly positive matters. With the season not consisting of any travel for interscholastic games, most of the team assumed a year of pointless games and fun practices laid ahead of them. Being limited to only practices and multiple scrimmages, there was not much more that could be done for the group of boys. To their surprise, they were more upsides to the unique circumstances than assumed by the team. 

Junior defenseman Dylan Ottani expanded on the positive outcomes by saying, “Some of the upsides that stood out to me for the team was the team’s attitude and also the conditioning that took place. Even without game level competition, the intensity level still remained high with everyone continuing to push each other, which we benefited from greatly”. 

With the team losing multiple seniors such as Adan Partida, Daniel Olivera, and Johnny Castro, the players that will remain for years to come must maintain this level of competition. Younger players that have stepped up to the challenge and continue to succeed include David Lemus-Castro and sophomore Treyce Brannigan. 

Senior captain Adan Partida spoke highly of sophomore Brannigan when asked about his contributions to the team, saying, “Treyce is a special player. He has great ball moving abilities, confidence, and continues to improve every year”. 

With this year’s season being brought to a halt due to Covid-19, we will never know what damage could have been done by this group of talented players.  With that being said, there remains a positive outlook on the hoped to be unaffected fall 2021 season. Junior defenseman Max Beebe elaborated on the uncertain future season by adding, “To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect, there are alot of young players that will have to pull their own weight, but I think we can find success”.

Fellow defensive partner Ottani backed Beebe’s statement by saying, “I think we can also find great success. The returning players must understand that we have to keep that high level intensity and know that we have to make up for the season that was lost this past fall”. With high hopes, and a promising roster, the future remains bright for the NHS boys soccer program. With a chip on their shoulder from the season could have been, they will return to the pitch hungrier than ever before. 

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