By Sydney Ryder

In the past, or in a “normal” year, NHS would have an entire school assembly during advisory just for clubs. Presidents and representatives from each club would come up to the podium one by one and explain everything about their club to an auditorium full of eager NHS students. This would give students a chance to hear about clubs directly from their peers. Students would learn what the club is about, what responsibilities club members have, how often the club meets, and ultimately decide if joining that club is right for them. After school, each club would have a table set up in the Hall of the Whale, where they provided sign up sheets, time for further discussion, and sometimes even candy!

Due to the spread of coronavirus, this year was a little different. Instead of the usual in-person assembly, the Student Council created a slide presentation where the clubs could be displayed. The student council members for this year, and the explanation of a new club prize system, was also included in the slideshow. The student council sent the presentation to each club, and asked them to put together one slide with information about the club, as well as who to contact about joining. The slideshow contained descriptions of 25 different clubs and gave students an efficient way to learn about what each club had to offer. Although it wasn’t the same as the usual assembly, the slideshow was a safe alternative that many students appreciated. 

Student Council member Amanda Mack believes that this “was a great opportunity to create something that students can continue to look back at as they decide which clubs they want to be a part of, especially if they decide later on that they want to become more involved, or are just looking for a new club to join. It allows students to get a direct link for how to communicate with their club presidents and advisors or join the google classroom.” In addition, she believes that “this slideshow should be something that is done every year because it was so successful.” 

Even though this wasn’t what anyone expected, the slideshow presentation ended up being a great success. It was accessible and easy to navigate, which made it such a great way to display all of the clubs. The slideshow displays 25 clubs available to students this year. If you are interested in promoting school pride, join spirit club by contacting Mrs. Reinemo, Camie Strojney, or Bella Cutone. If you are interested in friendly, respectful debates, join the debate club contacting Mrs. Brannigan or JohnCarl McGrady. If you are interested in writing articles, taking photos, or website development, join Veritas by contacting JohnCarl McGrady or Maisie Cocker. If you are interested in character, service, leadership, and scholarship, contact Mrs. Brannigan or JohnCarl Mcgrady to learn what you can do to be considered for the National Honor Society in the future. If you are interested in the Chinese culture and participating in Chinese events and activities, join Chinese club by contacting Mrs. Zhu or Maryann Vasquez. If you are interested in helping your local community, as well as communities around the world, join Interact Club by contacting Mr. Horton, Maryann Vasquez, or Bishaka Dhamala. If you are interested in what is going on in the math and science world, want to compete in math competitions, or just need help with your math homework, join Math League by contacting Dr. Williams. If you are interested in building robots, playing Minecraft, and learning how to code, join the Electronics club by contacting Dr. Williams. If you are interested in learning how to change everything by doing nothing, join the do Without Doing Club by contacting Mr. Psaradelis. If you are interested in group art projects such as painting murals around the school, join the Art Club by contacting Ms. Mason. If you are interested in taking photos of school events to assist the annual publication of the yearbook, join the Yearbook Club by contacting Ms. Mason. If you are interested in connecting with students from Spain, planning a virtual variety show, or assisting Latin American countries with covid relief efforts, join Spanish Club by contacting Sra. Surprenant, Amanda Mack, or Bishaka, Dhamala. If you are looking for a safe, welcoming space as an LGBTQ+ or LGBTQ+ ally, join GSA by contacting Mr, Lucas-Hayes, Sean Allen, or Sarah Swenson. If you are interested in discussing sustainability at NHS, producing trash art or organizing island clean ups, join the Environmental Club by contacting Ms. Erisman. If you are interested in participating in a COVID friendly production of “Bad Auditions,” join the Drama Club by contacting Ms. Tessier. If you are interested in showing off your crafting and knitting skills join the Knitting and Crafting Club by contacting Ms. Potenza. If you have a lot of trivia knowledge, join Quiz Bowl by contacting Sra. Hickson. If you are interested in making delicious treats and participating in the prostart culinary competition, join the Culinary Club by contacting Mr. Proch. If you enjoy playing chess, join the Chess Club by contacting Mr. Viselli. If you love music, join Audio.files Music Club by contacting Mr. Viselli. If you love Latin and want to participate in Lain-related activities, join the Latin Club by contacting Mr. Cothran or Lily Whelden. If you love to learn about and appreciate the diversity at NHS, join the Diversity Club by contacting Srta. Echeverria. If you want to improve concentration and memory and reduce stress and anxiety, join the Sudoku Club by contacting Mr. Psaradelis, Eliza Brown, or Julia Swietlik. 

At the end of the slideshow, the student council presented a new system created for students to win prizes. Every student at NHS will start with one entry into the drawing. If a student joins a club and is an active member, they will get another entry to the drawing. Students will be considered an active member once they have attended the first two meetings of their club. Every student that recruits another student to join a club will get another entry into the drawing. The winners will be announced during advisory blocks over the next few months! The prizes include whaler t-shirts, lemon & lime key chains, bracelets, hats, and belts, and gift cards to nantucket meat & fish market, the hub, handlebar, Bartlett’s farm, lunch counter at the pharmacy, espresso to go, and island kitchen. The idea behind this new prize system is to persuade students to get involved in their school community, even when things are not normal. With the help of the club officers, and this new prize system, NHS will be bustling with creative events and plans, despite the restrictions of Covid-19. 

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  1. Sunday morning and reading through Veritas. I am always so impressed with the work you do. This note is just to offer our button-making capabilities to any of these clubs. We’ve got two machines, 2.25 and 1.25 inches. You supply the artwork. Does the Spirit Club need a Whaler button? There are possibilities here…

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