By Amanda Mack

Every fall, NHS students prepare for and look forward to the student council elections. This year, more than ever, student council members and class officers will be very important. Especially for seniors, there are many events that everyone is looking forward to, that will require a lot of planning and changes in order to be made safe for everyone. It is crucial that students speak up with ideas or concerns, and take part in the planning process of events, so that everyone is able to enjoy an exciting, safe year. 

Although school was still fully remote at the time the information about the elections was released, students from each grade began drafting their letters of intent. The purpose of these letters is for students running for a position to inform their classmates why they believe they will be a good fit for their position, why they want to be in that position, and what they promise to do if elected. This way voters can get a little insight on who they are voting for, and decide who they believe will be the best fit. On election day, voters were taken to a newsletter where they could view each candidate and their letters of intent. Voting was done via Google Forms, and the results were announced. 

For each grade, there were four class officer seats available, president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and six student council seats available. Seniors running for student council also had an opportunity to run for the school council representative or the NPS school committee representative. The senior class officers are co-presidents Camie Strojney and Isobelle Fleming, vice president Ruby Dupont, Secretary Bella Cutone, and treasurer Katie Genthener. The senior student council members are Amanda Mack, Maisie Cocker, Kamoy Barnett, Jack Gammons, Bishaka Dhamala, Sydney King, and member at large, Maisie Cocker. The school council representative is Jack Gammons, and the NPS school committee representative is Amanda Mack. The junior class officers are president Sarah Hanlon, vice president Melanie Bamber, Secretary Danielle Holmes, and treasurer Hannah Dalton. The junior student council members are Kathryn Kyomitmaitee and Ava Mosscrop. The sophomore class officers are president Natalie Mack, vice president Julia Marks, secretary Eliza Brown, and treasurer Quinn Keating. The sophomore student council members are Eli Fuller, Olivia Davis, Mihail Minevski, Kevin Serrano, Catherina Buccino, and Dylan Marks. The freshman class officers are president Tatum Corbett, vice president Alison Bamber, secretary Ella Hofford, and treasurer Lauren Cutone. The freshman student council members are Claire Martin and Kinnick King. The freshman and junior class are both looking to fill more spots on student council. If you are interested, please contact Seanda Bartlett.

Part of being a leader in your school is finding a way to communicate with others, work together, and plan things, despite the circumstances. Each class president is going into the year with a hopeful, positive attitude and is already prepared for any challenges. 

Senior president Camie Strojny and fellow officers have already “taken the next step by working with our advisor and administration rather structured in order to create fun, eventful memories following the protocols for the virus.” Strojny believes that by working together, communicating strongly, and being committed, they can make senior year memorable.

Junior president Sarah Hanlon would like to “make our school year look as close to normal as possible.” Hanlon plans to not only prepare for special events such as junior prom; she also plans to find ways that their class can help the community, especially those that are struggling, with things like food drives. 

Sophomore president Natalie Mack similarly believes that communication and teamwork will be vital to the success of this year. She believes that “by planning well in advance and keeping up with tasks, we will be able to have safe, organized, and fun events.”

 Freshman president Tatum Corbett believes that by “taking advice from the more experienced upperclassmen, guidance from our class advisor, putting my head together with the other officers, keeping an open mind and a positive attitude, and taking support and suggestions from fellow classmates,” she will be able to successfully lead her class. The student council of Nantucket High School is committed, ready, and willing to use each other, advisors, and fellow students in order to lead the school in a productive year. 

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