By Will Harris

Although fall sports teams will not be playing against competition from other schools, they will be competing against each other for intersquad championships. The Nantucket Varsity Golf team in particular has played matches for seedlings that will lead to a March Madness type tournament to declare a winner. The Whalers are coming off a dominant 13-0 season against the toughest competition the team has ever faced. Returning four of six starters, including captains; Marsh Hickman, Roy Ryder and Will Harris, the Whalers were looking forward to an even better season this year with their sights set on a regional championship. 

When asked about his disappointment of not having a true season, Senior Jack Gammons had this to say, “Obviously we were all really excited for what this season had in store coming off an undefeated season. We really felt as if we had a chance to take it a step further this year.” 

With the loss of solid contributors such as Kai Ottani, Sydney Higgins, and Cade Sargent last year, rising Sophomores and Juniors had to step up to fill their shoes. Excellent play from Juniors such as Cole Evans, Camden Knapp, and Evan Belanger have undoubtedly filled these roles and will be able to lead the team next year. Going into the postseason tournament, the players’ mindsets will not change. Coach Nate Roberts tells his players that “because golf is such an individual sport, not only are you competing against the other team, but you are competing against yourselves.” 

The Whalers are facing arguably their toughest competition ever this year: themselves. The boys have risen to the occasion and are putting up scores that are dramatically better than previous years. Seniors Jack Gammons, Roy Ryder, and Will Harris have reached 30 points three times each this season, a score that has been attained very few times in the school’s history. So although this season has been different than previous years, the boys have risen to the occasion, played exceptionally well and will look to finish the season on a high note with a competitive last tournament.

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