By Maclaine Willett

As an adjustment regarding sports during the Covid-19 pandemic, all of the fall teams at the middle and high school levels have moved to an intramural system of play. Girls soccer is one of these teams that has transferred to an intramural league, playing with ages from 6th-12th grade. Input from many of the players, from various age groups, has consisted of nothing but positivity out of this new system. Although all of the players would have enjoyed having a normal season, the soccer team seems to be keeping high energy levels at practice in order to maintain the competitive spirit. As Waverly Brannigan, one of the senior captains of the Varsity soccer team, states, “We’ve had to make sure to hold practices that everyone enjoys, which has been working great so far.” She goes further to explain that by just being together and practicing prior to the start of the games, the environment is already very positive and energetic. This is made possible by the help of the other captains also, including Sydney King, Bella Cutone, Katie Genthner, and Ruby Dupont. Along with those leaders, it is clear that the team as a whole is working to keep the energy up and the competition high. 

Another major adjustment to the girls soccer team includes a change in the coaching staff, made fairly recently. The former head coach, Phil Taylor, stepped down and was replaced by Brian King. Even though it is a considerable alteration, the transition has been going well with all positive feedback. Brannigan explains how Coach King works to make sure that the team “is playing as much as possible.” Especially given the fact that there are no interscholastic games being played this season, this seems to be very important to the coaches of the girls soccer program. 

Coach King explains how he is “really excited for the girls to compete and play for something.” Although it may not be the same, he explains further that the energy is still very high and the seniors are setting a great tone for the rest of the players. 

Like many other fall athletes, the players on the girls soccer team are just excited to be playing soccer, even if it may be in a different format than they are used to. Brannigan, and the other players, are enjoying this “sense of normalcy” when it comes to spending time with the team. Along with the routine of practicing and playing games during the fall season, this normalcy also results from the social aspect of being a part of the soccer team. This has made a large impact on many of the players who feared there would be no form of soccer available in any format.

Even though this soccer season may not be the same as others in the past, “the athletic department is doing a great job in making this fall fun and exciting and a season to remember,” as Coach King states. The morale of the group could not be more positive during the start of the intramural games for girls soccer, and most of the players are just excited to be spending time together as a unit. While still being productive, the leaders of the girls soccer team are working to ensure that the team enjoys the long-awaited season that they, and the other fall sports teams, are so fortunate to have.

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