By Natalie Mack, contributing writer

Hello, again virtual Veritas viewers. Happy August! I hope that after reading the previous section of Natalie’s Nature corner, you enjoyed a walk at Dionis beach or Garner Farm! Just a reminder that the following places you will read about are pet-friendly, so bring along your furry friend! Please keep in mind the social distancing requirements while attending these locations. 


The first spot you should go on your next adventure is called Norwood Farm. Norwood farm is a beautiful, grassy walking loop, I’m sure you will enjoy. To get to Norwood Farm, head onto Polpis Road. Keep straight for a little bit until you see on the right side, the road turns into a side-walk. Don’t worry it’s not a sidewalk! Once you get there, take your first right and then keep straight until you reach the parking lot! To enjoy this loop, you can either keep straight on the main path. This loop leads out to the sidewalk, and you can walk back to your car. Or, if you’re looking to go for a longer walk, take the first left instead of keeping straight. Stay straight on this path, you will soon be back at the parking lot. The first walk takes about 15-20 minutes if you’re walking steadily. The second loop takes about 30 minutes. 

Norwood Farm is not only a great place for a walk, it would be perfect for a nice run. Norwood Farm has large open paths, shade when needed, various paths that lead to ponds, and a long bridge. Having been there many times, I can say that Norwood Farm is my favorite place to walk on the island. I hope you enjoy it too! 

Our next spot for today’s section doesn’t have a name! So, I’ve decided to call it the Western Avenue walk. First off, to get to the Western Avenue walk, keep straight on Surfside Road, like your heading to Surfside beach. Once you reach the Surfside beach parking lot, instead of taking a left into there, take a right onto Western Avenue (isn’t my name clever). Keep straight on this road and at the end, you will see a small parking lot. Park there and take either path. Both of these paths will lead to a beautiful area with sand, grass, and trees. The path that leads straight, will bring you to a bench. Sit here and enjoy a sunrise or a sunset! Both of these routes can lead you to the beach. Just go up over the dune, and there you are. What I love most about this area is that many people don’t know about it, so there usually aren’t many people! This is especially helpful during this time of social distancing. 

That’s it for this issue’s section of Natalie’s Nature corner! Each issue I will be giving you two new places to check out! If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or want to share a photo of you in one or both of these places, email me: Thanks for reading! 


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