Editors in chief Maisie Cocker and JohnCarl McGrady will both be returning in the same positions, as will finance director Samir Banjara.

Assistant editor Liela Marret, known for her culture-based editorials and bitingly sarcastic satire, is graduating this year, and will be replaced by news editor Reese Burns, who was a major asset to the team this year, providing thoughtful news stories and helping to lay out the paper. Reese’s vacated position will be filled by Amanda Mack, who has contributed many news stories to the paper over the past years, and is certainly up for the job.

Witty and humorous entertainment editor Skyler Kardell is also graduating, depriving Veritas of his unique art style and numerous poems. His position will be filled by Saorla Cawley, who has already made her mark contributing art to the paper. 

Chevelle Williams, Veritas’ long-time photo editor, who managed photography for the paper with efficiency and little oversight, will also be leaving for college. Her role will be filled by current layout editor Christian Mack, who knows the paper well already, and former featured photographer Nazair Thompson, who will bring his characteristic flair and style to the paper.

Luke Mackay, Veritas’ calm and coordinated sports editor, is graduating as well. His replacement, Camie Strojny, already put in the hours of a staff member last year, and the transition should be seamless.

Veritas congratulates all graduating staff and wishes them the best of luck in their post-high school careers. Remember to thank us when you’re all inevitably famous.

Veritas is also removing the position of layout editor, occupied previously by now-photo editor Christian Mack, and is adding several positions. Shanell Whyte is being brought out on as opinion editor for her incisive and intelligent opinion pieces, and Amanda will have two helpers in assistant news editors Sarah Swenson and Maclaine Willett, younger students added to staff for their strong reporting and to help ease the transition next year, as the remaining staff members are all seniors.

This was a great year for Veritas, bolstered by an intelligent, diverse, and focused staff, and we believe next year will be even better.

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  1. School Committeeman Sortevik says:

    Absolutely wonderful having you all online and Twitter! Reading every word and pleased and proud to see you carrying on our historic tradition.

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