By Reese Burns, assistant editor

Need a new show to binge? Check one of these out! 

The OA:

2 seasons

A somewhat creepy, ominous series revolving around the abilities of Prairie, a young woman who mysteriously reappeared with her eyesight after having been blind for most her life. Prairie had vanished years before and came back with a mission. She recruits a group of high school students to help her finalize the movements…Really weird but it’s super interesting. Season 1 is definitely better than season 2, but you have to watch both of course.


The Imposters:

2 seasons

Not a very well-known series, Ezra’s wife suspiciously leaves him and takes everything. Turns out the same woman left both Richard and Jules as well. The three team up to find their so-called wife in hopes of closure and an explanation. The series was canceled after two seasons but it was really funny and pretty suspenseful. I recommend. 


New Amsterdam:

2 seasons

Very similar to “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Resident,” but anyways, Dr. Max Goodwin makes a career out of reforming hospitals with not so great reviews. Just the right amount of drama and realism and many viewers comment on Goodwin’s character and are inspired by the storyline. I really like it, you should watch it!



2 seasons

This one is really crazy. Flight 828 vanishes into thin air and all of a sudden returns without a scratch five years later. The family on the flight returns to the other half of their family to find them five years older where they have remained exactly the same. The passengers on the flight begin to experience weird side-effects and many try to discover the truth of what happened. It’s really good, go check it out.


Chicago Fire:

8 seasons

I only made it to season 5, but it was really good. Very similar to “9-1-1,” the show focuses on the firefighters and paramedics at a firehouse in Chicago who deal with very intense calls but also a lot of drama between crew members. Lady Gaga’s ex-fiance stars in it so you should watch.


Big Little Lies:

2 seasons

Probably one of the best shows I have watched. Jane (Shailene Woodely)  just moved to Monterey, California with her young son and becomes fast friends with the infamous Madeline Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon) and Celeste (Nicole Kidman). It is obvious Jane deals with a troubled past and something in Monterey is triggering it. In addition, flashes of the future interrupt to briefly show some sort of commotion of a very interesting night…


The 100:

7 seasons

The world is no longer inhabitable by humans as radiation has infected the earth. Many people escaped earth and spent around 20 years living in space but as time moves forward, oxygen runs out and the one-child limit can no longer save them. The directors of this space society decide to release 100 teenagers onto earth as test subjects because of their bad behavior. Will they survive? I don’t know, you will have to find out. Romance, drama, a lil scary stuff, and of course, tears. Enjoy!


Gossip Girl: 

6 seasons

A classic!!! Upper East Side teenagers in Manhattan explore teenagedom with a secret gossiper always holding something over their heads. What happens as the rich, pretty much famous Serena Vanderwoodsen comes back from boarding to school to be in a predicament with her ex-best friend Blair Waldorf and in the midst of a budding romance with not so rich and famous Dan Humphrey. It’s a must-watch. 


Gilmore Girls:

7 seasons (8 including the spin-off thing)

Super heart-warming show that revolves around the life of Lorelai and her daughter Rory in their small town, Star Hollow. Rory is extremely smart and wants to go to private school but in order to afford it, Lorelai asks her strained parents for help. Thus begins the story. It’s super sweet and you won’t regret watching it.



2 seasons

Dan Humphrey is not Dam Humphrey anymore. Guinevere Beck, from Nantucket, catches the eye of Joe Goldberg and he won’t look away. If this show won’t make you forever want to be single I don’t know what will. Watch as his obsession unfolds…Yay.


Locke and Key:

1 season

I surprisingly finished this in one sitting. The Locke family just moved into their father’s old home in his old town after his murder. The kids start finding hidden keys all around the house and the youngest starts talking to a lady in the well. It’s a little wack but it’s super entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Walking Dead: 

10 seasons

Post-apocalyptic world in which survivors must adapt. Jump scares, a lil romance, zombies, and tears will definitely be shed. In my opinion, the first 4 or 5 seasons were great, but after a while it gets hard to continue watching. But I highly highly recommend giving it a shot.



6 seasons

A classic. Mr. Schuster, high school Spanish teacher, builds the glee club up from nothing. If you like singing, dancing, and romance, this one’s for you. Also, you will cry during this one as well.


Raising Hope:

4 seasons

I don’t think this one is super well-known but it is without a doubt the funniest tv show I have ever watched in my life. 20-something year old Jimmy gets in a situation with a serial killer and ends up fathering a little girl. He has to raise Hope with his parents and his great-grandmother who suffers from Alzheimers. Please please watch, you won’t regret it.


Dead to Me:

2 seasons

I think this one is fairly new and trending on Netflix. Poor Jennifer just lost her husband in a tragic hit and run and is attempting to rebuild her life when she makes a new BFF, Judy. Super funny, kind of weird, but overall really good.


The Vampire Diaries:

8 seasons

If you haven’t watched this, log into Netflix right now. My favorite show of all time (besides Grey’s Anatomy of course). As can be expected, lots of vampires, werewolves, witches, and a few humans reside in Mystic Falls, Virginia. A little spooky for some, lots of romance, and some comedy as a gift from beloved Damon Salvatore. Don’t go another day without watching. Enjoy! Oh and you will cry. 



15 seasons

Featuring the incredible Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the two star as brothers who hunt supernatural beings. Kind of like ghostbusters but also nothing like it at all. Also a favorite that has mostly spooky action and hardly any romance but contains some humor. Highly recommended!


Law and Order: SVU

21 seasons

My current binge. Detectives investigating homicides, rapes, kidnappings, and child abuse. Honestly, this show can be very dark and real so if you want happy endings I do not suggest watching, but if you like a show that doesn’t dive into the personal lives of the characters and you like more realistic television, this one’s for you. 


Prodigal Son:

1 season

SO GOOD. I watched this at the beginning of quarantine and it’s very interesting and reminds me a lot of the “Silence of the Lambs.” Malcom Bright’s father is the infamous Surgeon, a serial killer. Watch as he navigates through his career as a profiler for the NYPD and as he tries to discover the truth of something he saw when his father was first arrested. Seriously so good please watch. 


The Resident:

3 seasons

Another medical drama but focuses more on the business aspects of a hospital and what really could be going on behind closed doors. From surgical devices, to CEOs, to the secrets of healthcare, “The Resident” captures it all. It’s really good and stars “Gilmore Girls’” favorite blonde.


Grey’s Anatomy:

16 seasons

If you haven’t watched this then I don’t know what to tell you. It’s my favorite show so I obviously place it high upon the pedestal of recommended binge-worthy TV shows. You know what it’s about so please just go watch it. If you have already watched it, watch it again. I have watched it 5 times so please try for 6.


Outer Banks:

1 season

You have obviously watched this already so I don’t think there is any point to me giving my opinion on it. If you haven’t it though, please do. It’ll only take up a day of your invested time.


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