By Anna Toronvish, contributing writer

People always say that your senior year of high school flies by, but I didn’t think they meant it would fly by this quickly. Having your last day during your senior year of high school in the middle of March was not what any of us really expected nor wanted. When starting classes online, I tried to be hopeful since I clearly haven’t had a social life since March. When we finally started having online classes it was kind of like, “okay maybe things will be better?” I definitely think it made some type of difference to talk to classmates again, but not enough of a difference. I went from having 45-minute classes at school, to 15 to 20-minute classes online, and it was quite saddening to me, to say the least. I wanted to hope to go back to school and somehow this whole pandemic would just, poof, disappear. However, it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. After a while of doing online classes, and seeing that more and more major senior events like spring sports senior recognition, the last day of school senior breakfast in the Hall of the Whale, followed by an ice cream party outside on the football field at noon were being taken away and graduation not being traditional, it all just seems so unrealistic. 

Everyone says that this is the “new normal,” but what even is that? This shouldn’t be the new normal, or at least I don’t want it to be mine. I know that a lot of people did not ever imagine having to worry about wearing face masks all the time and wondering if they are a bad person for wanting to hang out with people that don’t live in their house. It just breaks my heart to think that when I walk across that stage to get my diploma, that I won’t be able to run outside after our graduation ceremony with the huge crowd of people following to take pictures with people, hugging everybody insight, and just being surrounded by the many people that love you. It makes me so mad that I can’t have the ending of my senior year as how I watched my older sibling and older friends have theirs in the past. I watched them as they had a senior ball, bachelorette, and normal graduation, knowing that one day my time would come. Now, I know that in our time as seniors those traditional events won’t ever come. I hope that the next upcoming seniors will have it better than we did because I could never wish this to happen to any more of the upcoming classes. 

This made me personally feel like there was nothing to look forward to in my last moments of being a senior, nothing matters in your senior year until the very last couple of months of your high school career. That is when all the seniors are allowed to shine and be able to do all the celebratory events that they deserve to participate in to feel special. I wish my senior year could have ended in a big hurrah as it used to for past years. Though it didn’t, I hope that the following years will be better compared to mine.


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