I speak today as another soldier in this battle. I know that I will never understand the ceaseless pain and struggle it is to be a person of color in America. As non-black allies, all white people must do is to empathize, to try and feel a fraction of the pain, and most importantly, to use their voices to fight.

It is 2020, and we find ourselves at battle. A battle between love and hate, between justice and equality or nothing at all. 

In this battle, there are clearly two sides: there are those who confront truth and deal with it, and there are those who fail to even see truth at all. In other words, there are those who run into a house on fire to save their brothers and sisters, and then there are those who watch their brothers and sisters burn without doing or saying anything at all.

In this battle, we have no tolerance for silence or fear.

In this battle, we have learned that strength, love, and hope are the only paths forward.

In this battle, we can choose how to fight. We can use our emotions strategically—we can acknowledge that violence is not a part of the problem, but rather a symptom of the real issue. We must understand our brothers and sisters fighting, but we also must try our hardest to fight this battle with compassion, love, and peace.

In this battle we must find unity. Politics do not see this issue—and it is our job to turn Red or Blue into Red and Blue. It is our responsibility to turn me or you, into me and you, collectively.

If we can do that—if we can unite behind truth with those who normally disagree, then we will become an unstoppable force of love and progress.

Because this issue—systemic and non-systemic racism—does not see fear and insecurity from some leaders. This issue sees truth; and demands that we fix truth together; united as one.

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd!

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