By Shanell Whyte, contributing writer

In honor of George Floyd…


For I walk through the shadow of death, yet I do indeed fear evil

Evil seeds planted within the roots of the home of the brave

Watered by the Oppressors that stream through hearts filled with hate

Against me, against those who look like me

I glance at the pebble stones lying beside me

For I wish I were them

Whole And Unharmed

I followed protocol

Hands behind my back

Don’t Run, Don’t Resist

“I can’t breathe”

Fear me not officer, for the pigment of my skin does not reflect my character 

“They’re Going To Kill Me”

My breaths quickly evolve into gasps of air

Life before me trickles into a gloomy path…

I Am No Longer Breathing

I presume my breaths were a disguise for my nonexistent weapons in their shadowed eyes…

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