By Natalie Mack, contributing writer

Please remember to respect and follow the social distance requirements made by the governor while enjoying the outdoors. Be safe!

Hello, virtual Veritas viewers! I hope you are enjoying the first virtual Veritas. In this section, I will be informing you about the different areas on our beautiful island that you can explore! These places will all be dog-friendly, so you can bring along your furry friend! Please keep in mind the social distance requirements while attending these locations. 

Our first spot is Gardner Farm. This spot, owned by The Nantucket Land Bank, is a beautiful forest with walking trails, open fields, a hidden path to Hummock pond, and even a bridge. To find this one-of-a-kind area, follow Hummock Pond Road; once you pass Bartlett Farm on your left, the parking lot will soon appear on your right side. For those of you familiar with Cisco Beach, Gardner Farm is located on the road that leads to Cisco Beach. 

To enjoy the trails of Gardner Farm, simply follow the path provided at the parking lot. Keep following this path straight. At times the trails will be shaded with trees, but as you keep going straight, it will open up to large grassy fields. This continues for a while until you come to a long bridge. This means your walk is almost over! Continue straight ahead after you cross the bridge. Another way to complete this walk is the opposite way. Next time you come to Gardner Farm, start from where you ended the walk last time! The Gardner Farm walk is not too long and not too short either. If walking at a regular pace, it should take about 30 minutes to complete this walk. This area would also be a perfect spot to go for a nice jog. Either way, get outside and enjoy Gardner Farm!

The next location you can enjoy during this quarantine (and when we are out of it) is Dionis Beach. Many know and love this beach, but in case you don’t, here’s some information. To get to Dionis Beach, drive straight down Madaket Road until you see a white rock that states “Eel Point.” Once you see this rock, turn right onto that road. Keep straight for a while on the dirt road and you will then see another road on your right, that has a white rock. This rock will state “Dionis”. Once you see that, take a right, drive straight down, and there you are. 

As of now, the right side of Dionis Beach is mostly roped off due to bird nesting. But, once you come over the sand dune path, there is an endless beach for you to explore. This beach does not have waves, so it is not a great beach to surf at. But, Dionis Beach water is great for you or your dog to go for a swim, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, and anything else you love to do in the water! 

Something I personally love about Dionis Beach is the sand. The sand farther away from the water is soft and white, but in the middle of the beach and down by the ocean, it is hard. This makes it easier to walk on, and more enjoyable. Another great thing I’ve noticed about Dionis Beach is the dunes. If you take a left down Dionis Beach, the ocean is to your right and the dunes (more like a cliff) is to your right. These big dunes help protect you from the wind, so your walk can be even better! So, check out Dionis Beach for a beautiful and relaxing walk. And remember to keep your distance of six feet from others doing the same! 


That’s all for this issue’s section of Natalie in Nature! Each issue I will be giving you 2 new places to check out! If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or want to share a photo of you in one or both of these places, email me: Thanks for reading! 

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