by Henry Dupont


I heard through the grapevine recently that I’m done with high school. It has not quite sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will soon. As this year comes to an end, I find myself being repeatedly smacked in the face by nostalgia and a mix of joyous relief and melancholy. Thank god I am done with high school; senioritis is not a joke. I went into senior year thinking that senioritis was simply a myth. It turns out that senior year post college decisions is a deep dark abyss where motivation goes to die. While writing this the day before graduation, I currently have 0.0% in film study because I decided to do all the work from the quarter during the last week of school like a true Nantucket scholar.

While I am sincerely thrilled to be done with high school, my celebration is bitter-sweet. Graduation marks the end of an era; I am for the first time in a decade, not a student of Nantucket Public Schools. The Nantucket Public Schools have been the setting of the majority of my memories and life lessons, and for that I am eternally grateful. As much as we all complain about school, it’s where we are shaped into who we are, and where we make friendships that will last a lifetime. I believe there are some thank you’s in order.

Thank you Mrs. Reinemo for endless laughs during good, new, and appropriate, and for teaching me to ask myself “what would Mrs. Reinemo do” before making a hasty decision. Thank you Zhu Lao Shi for being a friend and a mentor for the last 6 years. I will miss our morning breakfasts, jian zi, and assortment of Chinese rom-coms. Thank you Mr. Cothran for taking Veritas to D.C, and yelling “bitconnect” when we pass you in the hallway. Thank you Mrs. Phaneuf for being the most pleasant, caring, and passionate individual I have ever met. Thank you Ms. Martineau for helping me find my love for literature and film. You’ve been the best advisor that Veritas could ask for and I will miss you shooting down my terrible editorial decisions and talking Game of Thrones with me. Thank you Mr. Gregorich for putting up with the Titration Gang and overseeing our class events. Thank you Ms. Mac for matching my sarcasm and putting up with Joey, Tristram and me. Thank you Dr. Dubs for making me an elite mathematician and just being an absolute legend. Thank you Dr. Hinson for holding down advisory even though I spent most of my time in the Veritas Room. Thank you Mr. Panchy for being a beacon of genuine kindness and passion for teaching. Thank you Mr. Wendelkin for your endless wacky enthusiasm and keeping the guitar squad alive and well. Thank you Dr. Buckey for keeping explicit content from going to press, and catching our countless mistakes. Thank you Ms. Robbins and Mrs. Hickman for saying “good morning” every day and dealing with us rowdy newspaper kids.

At the beginning of this year, while we were waiting for the Veritas Room to be completed, the Veritas staff was a lonely crowd of seniors. I’m beyond grateful for the gang of students that now regularly congregate in the Veritas room. I know that we seniors are an intimidating bunch, and I’m so glad that the youngins were brave enough to approach us and join our weird newspaper cult. Thank you Liela, Brianna and Chevelle for being the first juniors to approach Veritas about joining the ranks. Thank you Maisie and JohnCarl for taking the reins next year and already being more organized than we were. Thank you Caroline, Samir, Saorla, James, Jackie, Dianny, Christian and Sophie for packing the veritas room full every lunch. Thank you Maeve, Emmet, and Anna for being an amazing staff, and thank you Owen, Gideon and Mookie for being my partners in crime. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends and teachers to accompany me on my journey through high school, and I cannot believe that I got so lucky. Thank you to everyone I forgot in my old age.

To all of you crazy kids who aren’t done with high school, I wish you luck, and assure you that it’s over in the blink of an eye. Be sure to savor it while you can.

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