by Owen Hudson


As the finality of our time here at Nantucket High School sinks in, discussions of the future inevitably ensue. One common theme that I see in these discussions, or even just in a passing Snapchat story, is the brazened exclamation, “Screw NHS” or something along those lines, and I am strangely hurt. Now I realize that these four years at NHS have not been the most pleasant for some, and the promise of new adventures in our lives after graduation can occupy our view of the past in a bit of a blinding manner. However, I do feel like the people who are inclined to say something like this must have gone wrong somewhere along the way. Of course the highschool system is not for everyone, I know that, and there are surely a number of factors unique to me that allowed me to have the pleasant experiences that I did. Even so, when I see or hear posts or declarations like these, I wonder if these people are walking away from the same classrooms, teachers, friends and the same fond memories as me. I wonder if they are as uncomfortable as I am to say goodbye to this group of people who have been a daily constant in my life for the past twelve years.

I get it. For a lot of people, this last year was an utter drag. Classes didn’t spark interest, suddenly the smooth seat on the plastic chair-desks became utterly unbearable, the hallways looked more and more like the dull circuits of an endless NASCAR race that no one was winning any time soon. I was able to avoid this feeling for the majority of the year, right up until the last month or so and let me tell you, it sucked. I couldn’t imagine putting myself through that for an entire year, let alone four years for those who have felt that way since freshman year. For those reading this who aren’t about to graduate, don’t take the easy classes. I highly recommend pushing yourself even up until senior year, but most importantly enroll in classes that interest you. Personally, the most aggravating part of senioritis was the sheer boredom I faced when certain classes lacked vigor. Sitting there in class playing Sports Heads Basketball for the thousandth time just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. In this capacity I can completely understand why some are eager to get out of the classroom and into the real world. That is all well and good, and I am right there with you; however, what bothers me is when this excitement to move on causes us to view the past four years with vehement contempt.

Everyone is different and entitled to their opinion, and of course there will be some who genuinely hated their experiences in Nantucket High School, but I hope that in our final days we can appreciate this community for what it has been to so many people for so long.

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